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Learn how to season and prepare a humidor in 6 easy steps!
1) Season your humidor before you put cigars inside.
2) Dampen sponge or cloth with distilled water and wipe down the inside of your humidor. The wood should change a few shades darker but should not be overly saturated.
3) Close the lid and observe the humidity level on your hygrometer. After several hours you should get a reading of 65 - 70% humidity. If it is too low, then you should wipe it down a second time. If it reads too high, then leave the lid open long enough for the humidity to decrease into optimal range.
4) When humidity levels are stable, you can add your cigars.
5) Make sure to fill your humidifier with distilled water or solution before putting it to the humidor.
6) Watch the video of Al Remp seasoning a humidor if you need some more pointers.

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