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Humidor Accessories

Find humidifiers, Hygrometers and the perfect solution for perfectly preserved cigars at Thompson Cigar. You'll find great deals and free shipping too.

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Thompson Crystal Humidifier By Xikar HumidificationQuickviewThompson Crystal Humidifier By Xikar Capacity of 50  Only $13.95 In Stock 
Xikar Crystal Humidifier HumidificationQuickviewXikar Crystal Humidifier Capacity of 250  Only $24.95 In Stock 
Xikar Cigar Bar Humidifier  HumidificationQuickviewXikar Cigar Bar Humidifier Humidification  Only $8.95 In Stock 
Le Veil Dch-60 Gel Humidifier HumidificationQuickviewLe Veil Dch-60 Gel Humidifier Humidification $189.95Only $169.99save $19.96In Stock 
Xikar 4oz Gel Jar HumidificationQuickviewXikar 4oz Gel Jar 4 Ounce Jar $11.99Only $7.99save $4.00Backordered Notify 
Humi-Care 16oz Cigar Juice  16 oz BottleQuickviewHumi-Care 16oz Cigar Juice 16 oz Bottle $15.00Only $11.99save $3.01In Stock 
Humi-Care Crystal Gel Humidification 4oz  4 oz JarQuickviewHumi-Care Crystal Gel Humidification 4oz 4 oz Jar $12.00Only $9.99save $2.01In Stock 
Humi-Care Seasoning Wipes 2-Fer  HumidificationQuickviewHumi-Care Seasoning Wipes 2-Fer Humidification $5.00Only $2.99save $2.01In Stock 
Humi-Care Portable Humidification Pillows QuickviewHumi-Care Portable Humidification Pillows - 10 Pillows  $25.00Only $12.50save $12.50In Stock 
Digital HygrometerQuickviewDigital Hygrometer Black $25.00Only $14.95save $10.05In Stock 
Humi-Care Black Ice Digital Hygrometer QuickviewHumi-Care Black Ice Digital Hygrometer  $35.00Only $19.99save $15.01In Stock 
HUMI-CARE Black Ice 4oz Pie Jar HumidificationQuickviewHUMI-CARE Black Ice 4oz Pie Jar 4 OuncesNew $20.00Only $13.50save $6.50In Stock 
Humi-Care Power Stick Humidifier  BlueQuickviewHumi-Care Power Stick Humidifier Blue $12.99Only $8.99save $4.00Backordered Notify 
Tc Crystal Humidifier 50 & Solution HumidificationQuickviewTc Crystal Humidifier 50 & Solution Cigar Accessory Sampler $34.95Only $19.95save $15.00Backordered Notify 
Le Veil Dch-12v1 Digital Cigar Humidifier HumidificationQuickviewLe Veil Dch-12v1 Digital Cigar Humidifier Humidification $99.00Only $89.99save $9.01In Stock 
HUMI-CARE Blue Round Digital Hygrometer QuickviewHUMI-CARE Blue Round Digital Hygrometer  $30.00Only $19.99save $10.01In Stock 
Cigar Oasis Excel 3.0 Humidifier QuickviewCigar Oasis Excel 3.0 Humidifier  $149.00Only $99.00save $50.00Backordered Notify 
Cigar Oasis Ultra 3.0 Humidifier QuickviewCigar Oasis Ultra 3.0 Humidifier  $149.00Only $99.00save $50.00Backordered Notify 
Le Veil Dch-16 Gel Refill HumidificationQuickviewLe Veil Dch-16 Gel Refill Humidification  Only $14.95 In Stock 
La Veil Dch-210 Humidifier HumidificationQuickviewLa Veil Dch-210 Humidifier Humidification $130.00Only $99.99save $30.01In Stock 
Xikar Rectangle HygrometerQuickviewXikar Rectangle Hygrometer Silver $34.99Only $29.74save $5.25Only 1 Left 
HUMI-CARE Black Ice 8oz Pie Jar  8 OuncesQuickviewHUMI-CARE Black Ice 8oz Pie Jar 8 Ounces $25.00Only $15.99save $9.01In Stock 
Humi-Care Turbo By Cigar Oasis  BlueQuickviewHumi-Care Turbo By Cigar Oasis Blue $119.00Only $99.99save $19.01Out Of StockShop Now