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Handmade in the Dominican Republic and Honduras since their inception in 1989, Gurkha cigars  are dedicated to experimenting with blends to bring customers the most pleasurable and memorable smoking experiences. Thompson Cigar has the blends and selection you’ve been waiting for with our Gurkha cigars, including the intriguing Gurkha Medieval. 

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Gurkha XO Gordo 8ct Cigar Sampler  SAMPLER (8)QuickviewGurkha XO Gordo 8ct Cigar Sampler SAMPLER (8)
$211.86Only $29.95save $181.91In Stock 
Gurkha Pigtail Toro Collection  SAMPLER (10)QuickviewGurkha Pigtail Toro Collection SAMPLER (10) $220.00Only $39.99save $180.01In Stock 
Gurkha Enforcer Gordo Maduro CigarsQuickviewGurkha Enforcer Gordo Maduro2 Options
 Only $14.58-$57.50  Shop Now
Gurkha Beauty CigarsQuickviewGurkha Beauty3 Options  Only $50.00-$595.00  Shop Now
Gurkha Pigtail Toro Sampler  Sampler (5)QuickviewGurkha Pigtail Toro Sampler Sampler (5)
$120.00Only $24.99save $95.01In Stock 
Gurkha Beauty Variety  6 CigarsQuickviewGurkha Beauty Variety 6-Pack 6 Cigars
$160.00Only $24.95save $135.05In Stock 
Gurkha Fumas Toro Maduro CigarsQuickviewGurkha Fumas Toro Maduro (6.0"x50) PACK (20)
$135.00Only $39.95save $95.05Delayed 30+ Days Notify 
Gurkha Big Ring Dirty Dozen Gordo Cigar SamplerQuickviewGurkha Big Ring Dirty Dozen Gordo Cigar Sampler SAMPLER (12)
$160.00Only $44.95save $115.05In Stock 
Gurkha Centurian Double Perfecto (6.0"x60) Pack of 15QuickviewGurkha Centurian Double Perfecto Pack of 15 (6.0"x60)
$450.00Only $189.99save $260.01In Stock 
Gurkha Classics Super-Sampler  SAMPLER (20)QuickviewGurkha Classics Super-Sampler SAMPLER (20)
$529.00Only $79.99save $449.01In Stock 
Gurkha Fumas Toro Connecticut CigarsQuickviewGurkha Fumas Toro Connecticut (6.0"x50) PACK (20)
$135.00Only $39.95save $95.05Delayed 30+ Days Notify 
Gurkha Gold Big-Ring Sampler Cigar SamplersQuickviewGurkha Gold Big-Ring Sampler SAMPLER (20)
$408.50Only $69.99save $338.51Only 2 Left 
Gurkha 15-Cigar Super SamplerQuickviewGurkha 15-Cigar Super Sampler 15 Cigars $285.75Only $59.99save $225.76In Stock 
90+ Rated Gurkha Sampler  SAMPLER (10)Quickview90+ Rated Gurkha Sampler SAMPLER (10)
$137.74Only $49.99save $87.75In Stock 
Gurkha Seduction Sultan (Toro) (6.2"x56) Pack of 20QuickviewGurkha Seduction Sultan Pack of 20 (Toro) (6.2"x56)
$180.00Only $59.95save $120.05In Stock 
Gurkha Raptor Robusto Connecticut (5.0"x50) PACK (20)QuickviewGurkha Raptor Robusto Connecticut (5.0"x50) PACK (20)
$165.00Only $47.50save $117.50In Stock 
Gurkha American Cask Collection  5 CigarsQuickviewGurkha American Cask Collection 5 Cigars $105.00Only $79.95save $25.05In Stock 
Gurkha Elegance (Churchill) (6.7"x50) PACK (10)QuickviewGurkha Elegance (Churchill) (6.7"x50) PACK (10)New $166.00Only $139.99save $26.01In Stock 
Gurkha Legend Overruns Churchill Habano CigarsQuickviewGurkha Legend Overruns Churchill Habano Overruns (7.0"x52) PACK (16)
$190.00Only $47.50save $142.50In Stock 
Gurkha Master Class Churchill Connecticut CigarsQuickviewGurkha Master Class Churchill Connecticut Master Class (7.0"x50) BOX (16)Sale
$140.00Only $58.00save $82.00Delayed 30+ Days Notify 
Gurkha Legend Overruns Robusto Habano CigarsQuickviewGurkha Legend Overruns Robusto Habano Overruns (5.0"x52) PACK (16)
$185.00Only $44.99save $140.01Backordered Notify 
Gurkha Symphony Toro CigarsQuickviewGurkha Symphony Toro3 Options
 Only $49.99-$99.99  Shop Now
Gurkha Prestige Torpedo Connecticut CigarsQuickviewGurkha Prestige Torpedo Connecticut (6.0"x54) PACK (10)
$111.67Only $57.50save $54.17Only 4 Left