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Thompson Cigar's Cigar 101

Confused by cigar-specific terms such as wrapper and long filler? Not sure of the best way to store your precious smokes? Just interested in learning more about the hobby of enjoying cigars? Our Cigar Speak pages are dedicated to providing you with a host of cigar-related information.

Glossary of Cigar Terms: The Language of Cigar Aficionados

Do terms such as wrapper, ring gauge, and Claro make you scratch your head in bewilderment? Our definitive glossary gives you all the answers.

How to Cut and Light a Cigar

There are a variety of methods and means for cutting and lighting your cigar. Here's a brief reference to help guide your choice of ritual.

Shapes and Shades: What Does it all Mean?

Don't know a Pyramid from a Perfecto? A Colorado from a Claro? Check this page to find out!

Size Guide

Here's a handy table detailing the standard sizes and ring gauges for most cigars.

How to Store Your Cigars

Want to know how to keep your smokes in mint condition? Interested in aging your cigars to perfection? Want to know if you can use a Tupperware container for storage? Here are the answers to these questions and more.

Taste and Flavor

Did you know that the construction of your cigar affects how it smokes and tastes?

Wrappers, Binders, and Fillers Explained

The wrapper, binder, and filler are the three parts of a cigar. Read about how they affect flavor and more.