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So you’ve found some great cigars. Now you want to make sure you keep them fresh and have all of the tools at hand to accentuate your smoking experiences. Well, we’ve got you covered in all facets.

When it comes to partaking in a fine cigar, checkout our wide selection of cutters, lighters and ashtrays. And when it comes to storing your fine selection and keeping your cigars well preserved, you can choose from a great assortment of humidifiers, solutions and travel cases. With hundreds of fine products to choose from, there’s no doubt that your prize collection of cigars will be taken care of.

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Xikar 4oz Gel Jar HumidificationQuickviewXikar 4oz Gel Jar 4 Ounce Jar
$11.99Only $7.99save $4.00In Stock 
Herf-a-Dor X10 Traveldor  X10 - 10-CapacityQuickviewHerf-a-Dor X10 Traveldor - 10-Capacity X10 - 10-Capacity
$37.00Only $22.50save $14.50In Stock 
Humi-Care Power Stick Humidifier  BlueQuickviewHumi-Care Power Stick Humidifier Blue
$12.99Only $8.99save $4.00In Stock 
Thompson Crystal Humidifier By Xikar HumidificationQuickviewThompson Crystal Humidifier By Xikar Capacity of 50
$14.99Only $12.99save $2.00Only 1 Left 
Herf-a-Dor X5 Traveldor  X5 - 5-CapacityQuickviewHerf-a-Dor X5 Traveldor - 5-Capacity X5 - 5-Capacity
$30.00Only $18.50save $11.50In Stock 
3 Finger Black Telescoping Cigar Case  3-FingerQuickview3 Finger Black Telescoping Cigar Case 3-Finger
 Only $15.00 In Stock 
Travel Aluminum 5-Cigar Capacity Case  5-CapacityQuickviewTravel Aluminum 5-Cigar Capacity Case 5-Capacity
 Only $14.95 In Stock 
Herf-a-Dor X15 Traveldor  X15 - 15-CapacityQuickviewHerf-a-Dor X15 Traveldor - 15-Capacity X15 - 15-Capacity
$45.00Only $24.50save $20.50In Stock 
Cigar Oasis Excel 3.0 Humidifier QuickviewCigar Oasis Excel 3.0 Humidifier
$149.00Only $119.99save $29.01In Stock 
Herf-a-Dor X40 Traveldor  X40 - 40-CapacityQuickviewHerf-a-Dor X40 Traveldor - 40-Capacity X40 - 40-Capacity
$80.00Only $59.99save $20.01In Stock 
Cigar Oasis Ultra 3.0 Humidifier QuickviewCigar Oasis Ultra 3.0 Humidifier
$149.00Only $119.99save $29.01In Stock 
Herf-a-Dor XL X5 Traveldor 60-Ring  XL5 - 5-CapacityQuickviewHerf-a-Dor XL X5 Traveldor - 5-Capacity 60-Ring XL5 - 5-Capacity
$37.00Only $22.50save $14.50In Stock 
10 Premium Empty Cigar Boxes Empty BoxesQuickview10 Premium Empty Cigar Boxes Miscellaneous
 Only $15.00 In Stock 
Cigar Oasis Plus 3.0 Humidifier QuickviewCigar Oasis Plus 3.0 Humidifier
$159.00Only $129.00save $30.00In Stock 
Xikar Case Xtreme X5 Travel CasesQuickviewXikar Case Xtreme X5 5-Count
$34.99Only $29.99save $5.00In Stock 
Andre Garcia 3 Finger 60 Ring Smooth Black Travel CasesQuickviewAndre Garcia 3 Finger 60 Ring Smooth Black 3-Finger
$100.00Only $29.95save $70.05In Stock 
Cigar Oasis Magna 3.0 Humidifier QuickviewCigar Oasis Magna 3.0 Humidifier
$249.00Only $199.99save $49.01In Stock 
Xikar Purotemp Wireless Hygrometer System  SilverQuickviewXikar Purotemp Wireless Hygrometer System Silver
$84.00Only $67.99save $16.01Only 2 Left 
Xikar Envoy 3 Cigar Case Carbon Fiber QuickviewXikar Envoy 3 Cigar Case Carbon Fiber
$94.99Only $80.99save $14.00Only 5 Left 
Humi-Care Seasoning Wipes 2-Fer  HumidificationQuickviewHumi-Care Seasoning Wipes 2-Fer Humidification
$5.00Only $2.99save $2.01In Stock 
Humi-Care 16oz Cigar Juice  16 oz BottleQuickviewHumi-Care 16oz Cigar Juice 16 oz Bottle
$15.00Only $11.99save $3.01In Stock 
Lotus Vertigo Quad Flame Torch Lighter  Cigar Accessory SamplerQuickviewLotus Vertigo Quad Flame Torch Lighter Cigar Accessory Sampler
$19.95Only $14.95save $5.00In Stock 
Humi-Care Hx10 Crystal Gel Humidification QuickviewHumi-Care Hx10 Crystal Gel Humidification
$20.00Only $9.99save $10.01In Stock