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Why so many cigar shapes and sizes? The size and shape of cigar dictates how long the cigar will burn, influences the flavor, and differentiates the overall experience.
The 3 big influencers:
1) Ring gauge: bigger ring gauges can pack more of a "punch" of flavor. The bigger the ring gauge, the more tobacco that is lit up with each puff.
2) Overall size/length of cigar: the bigger or longer the cigar the longer it normally takes one to smoke it.
3) Shape: this all comes down to preference. Some people like the way a smaller cigar sits in their hand. Some like the way a torpedo is tapered at the foot and the way it sits on the lips when you smoke it.

Watch Al Remp of Thompson Cigar as he explains the differences between various cigar shapes and sizes, making it a bit easier for you to sort through the many choices available on the market. Learn about Coronas, Double Coronas, Rothschilds, Churchills, Torpedos, and more with Mr. Remp. You would be hard-pressed to find someone that knows more about cigars than this guy.