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Do you know the difference between cheap cigars and cigar deals? We know the one thing every cigar lover enjoys more than his favorite smoke is getting a good deal on his favorite smoke. We also know that most people shop for cigars online because they think that’s where the good deals are. And they’re right. Here at Thompson, we don’t sell fake Cubans or wholesale cigars. Instead, when our inventory of a great cigar is running low, we repackage that premium cigar or accessory into an irresistible offer. And after more than 100 years of practice, we’ve got the art of the deal down to a science.

Then we classify these deals to help you find your best match faster. We have deals on our best-selling single cigars under a certain price point and big cigar bundle deals too. Our limited time offers and freebie deals feature the best cigars we have at the lowest possible prices. But quantities are as low as the prices, so check back often as they sell out fast.
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$85.00Only $44.95save $40.05In Stock 
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Don Rafael Vintage 2004 Robusto Connecticut (5.0"x50) BOX (20)
$80.00Only $39.95save $40.05In Stock 
Alec Bradley Gold Crown Robusto Connecticut (5.0"x50) BOX (20)
$120.00Only $39.95save $80.05In Stock 
Don Rafael Fumas Lonsdale Connecticut 2-Fer (6.0"x44) PACK (80)
$119.90Only $62.95save $56.95In Stock 
 Only $2.50-$59.95  Shop Now
Cuban Mistakes Fumas Lonsdale Habano (6.0"x44) BOX (100)
$129.95Only $69.95save $60.00In Stock 
Don Rafael Cheroots Natural 2-Fer (Cigarillos) (4.5"x32) PACK (100)
$95.90Only $37.95save $57.95In Stock 
Dominican Short Run Toro Gordo Connecticut (6.0"x60) PACK (20)
$52.95As low as $25.99save $8.00Backordered Notify 
$119.90Only $62.95save $56.95In Stock 
ACID Kuba Kuba Sumatra5 Options
Plus Drew Estate Blondie & Ashtray Combo with purchase of BOX 24!
 Only $9.85-$193.80  Shop Now
Cuban Rounds Churchill Maduro (7.0"x48) PACK (20)
$64.80Only $39.99save $24.81In Stock 
$35.40Only $19.95save $15.45In Stock 
Cuban Rounds Churchill Natural (7.0"x48) PACK (20)
$64.80Only $39.99save $24.81In Stock 
Don Rafael Vintage 2004 Toro Connecticut (5.7"x50) BOX (20)
$85.00Only $42.95save $42.05In Stock 
$106.52Only $54.95save $51.57In Stock 
Good Days Factory Rejects Churchill Natural (6.5"x49) BOX (50)
$78.00Only $47.49save $30.51In Stock 
Cuban Rounds Churchill Connecticut (7.0"x48) PACK (20)
$64.80Only $39.99save $24.81In Stock 
Blackstone Tip Natural Cigarillo Cherry (Cigarillos) (5.0"x28) PACK (100)
$61.00Only $42.95save $18.05In Stock 
 Only $6.12-$59.95  Shop Now
 Only $2.50-$59.95  Shop Now
Don Osvaldo Cheroot Maduro (Petite Corona) (4.5"x38) PACK (100)
$67.95Only $59.95save $8.00In Stock 
ACID Blondie Connecticut3 Options
 Only $24.50-$180.32  Shop Now
Oliva 90+ Rated Factory Seconds Double Robusto Sun Grown (5.0"x54) PACK (15)
$119.40Only $49.95save $69.45Out Of StockShop Now
$156.08Only $52.95save $103.13In Stock 
Don Rafael Fumas Lonsdale Maduro (6.0"x44) PACK (80)
$119.90Only $62.95save $56.95In Stock 
Rocky Patel 90 Vintage Fumas Robusto Maduro (5.0"x50) PACK (20)
$125.00Only $39.95save $85.05In Stock 
Gurkha Black Dragon Overruns Churchill Maduro (7.0"x52) PACK (16)
$181.00Only $44.95save $136.05Backordered Notify 
Rocky Patel Factory Overruns Series E Sixty Connecticut Gordo (6.0"x60) PACK (16)
$123.00Only $69.95save $53.05In Stock 
$35.40Only $19.95save $15.45In Stock