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Arturo Fuente cigars are known the world over for their excellence, because no one cultivates cigar filler and wrapper tobacco more scrupulously than Fuente. The Arturo Fuente line offers a medium-to-full bodied taste, with the celebrated Arturo Fuente Hemingway Cigars series a little mellower. Many of the natural-wrapped cigars feature Cameroon leaves with Connecticut leaf used for Maduros. Enjoy Arturo Fuente cigars by the Box, in budget friendly Packs, or as cigar singles.
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Arturo Fuente Cigar Reviews

   Arturo Fuente Best Seller - Enough Said!
Arturo Fuente Hemingway Best Seller Cameroon Perfecto
By millersart
I can always count on Fuente products being excellent. Huge fan of the Cameroon wrapper. I have been enjoying them as my morning smoke. Delicious! My wife even enjoys the aroma of these beauties. Great way to start my morning!
   Excellent Smoke At The End Of The Day!
Arturo Fuente Curly Head Deluxe Natural Lonsdale
By Neal
I enjoy a good smoke at the end of the day. The Curly Heads are a smooth to medium, smooth smoke that tasts great and is constructed well. I have never had a bad Fuente!
Arturo Fuente 8-5-8 Maduro Lonsdale
By Gem Dr.
8-5-8 is a top notch smoke from light up to the last finger burning draw. They are well constructed, easy to light, stays lit and is great tasting from end to end.
   This is the only cigar I smoke
Arturo Fuente Canones Maduro Presidente
By Doc
This cigar is the perfect length and circumference. It is a great "porch sittin" cigar. The flavor is not too harsh or too smooth, it is just right. It is also a great "car driving" cigar as I have a long drive to work and back and this cigar burns the perfect time amount. I have smoked these cigars for years. They are the right price also. For as good a smoke as these are, the Thompson price makes them a great value. The only concern is that they do sometime have a hard draw so you cant rush smoking this cigar, which is a good thing.
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