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Know someone who has recently professed their love of cigars? Buy the perfect gift from cigar samplers, humidors, cutters and more at Thompson Cigar.

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PDR Value Line Reserve Toro Sampler Cigar SamplersQuickviewPDR Value Line Reserve Toro Sampler SAMPLER (20) $60.00As low as $29.99save $25.05In Stock 
La Paloma Vintage Reserva Churchill Connecticut CigarsQuickviewLa Paloma Vintage Reserva Churchill Connecticut (7.5"x50) BOX (25)Sale $118.00Only $54.95save $63.05In Stock 
World Class Twenty Sampler Cigar SamplersQuickviewWorld Class Twenty Sampler SAMPLER (20) $76.90Only $32.95save $43.95In Stock 
Breakfast Blend 10 Infused Sampler Cigar SamplersQuickviewBreakfast Blend 10 Infused Sampler SAMPLER (10) $69.14Only $42.95save $26.19In Stock 
Victor Sinclair Ten Cigar Gordito Sampler Cigar SamplersQuickviewVictor Sinclair Ten Cigar Gordito Sampler SAMPLER (10)Sale $75.00Only $24.95save $50.05In Stock 
Smooth 25 Cigar SamplerQuickviewSmooth 25 Cigar Sampler SAMPLER (25) $60.00Only $52.95save $7.05In Stock 
Torpedo Selection 2-Fer Torpedo Sampler Cigar SamplersQuickviewTorpedo Selection 2-Fer Torpedo Sampler SAMPLER (40) $169.90Only $72.95save $96.95In Stock 
PDR Crystal 1878 Collection Sampler Cigar SamplersQuickviewPDR Crystal 1878 Collection Sampler SAMPLER (8) $58.75Only $39.95save $18.80In Stock 
Smooth To Medium Sampler Cigar SamplersQuickviewSmooth To Medium Sampler SAMPLER (20)  Only $92.95 In Stock 
Super Fourteen Sampler Cigar SamplersQuickviewSuper Fourteen Sampler SAMPLER (14) $108.55Only $49.95save $58.60In Stock 
PDR Fifteen Cigar SamplerQuickviewPDR Fifteen Cigar Sampler SAMPLER (15) $113.10Only $49.95save $63.15In Stock 
Oliva Variety Sampler Cigar SamplersQuickviewOliva Variety Sampler SAMPLER (6) $43.70Only $37.89save $5.81In Stock 
Dominican Toro Sampler 2-Fer Cigar SamplersQuickviewDominican Toro Sampler 2-Fer Toro SAMPLER (40)Sale $94.00Only $34.95save $59.05Out Of StockShop Now
Dominican Toro Sampler Cigar SamplersQuickviewDominican Toro Sampler SAMPLER (20) $47.00Only $24.95save $22.05Backordered Notify 
Thompson Artisan Collection Fifty Sampler Cigar SamplersQuickviewThompson Artisan Collection Fifty Sampler SAMPLER (50) $117.00Only $94.95save $22.05Backordered Notify 
Best Cigar SamplerQuickviewBest Cigar Sampler SAMPLER (16) $114.00Only $67.95save $46.05Backordered Notify 
Ultimate 90 Plus Sampler Cigar SamplersQuickviewUltimate 90 Plus Sampler SAMPLER (16) $125.00Only $87.95save $37.05Backordered Notify 
Cheap Churchill 20 Cigar SamplerQuickviewCheap Churchill 20 Cigar Sampler SAMPLER (20) $57.00Only $39.95save $17.05Backordered Notify 
The Weekender Sampler Cigar SamplersQuickviewThe Weekender Sampler SAMPLER (12) $110.00Only $47.95save $62.05Backordered Notify 
Lotus Vertigo Dual Torch Lighter  BlackQuickviewLotus Vertigo Dual Torch Lighter Black  Only $29.95 In Stock 
Macanudo 10 Cigar SamplerQuickviewMacanudo 10 Cigar Sampler SAMPLER (10) $85.56Only $49.95save $35.61Out Of StockShop Now
Nub By Oliva Variety Sampler With Cutter  SAMPLER (4)QuickviewNub By Oliva Variety Sampler With Cutter SAMPLER (4) $44.50Only $37.83save $6.67Backordered Notify 
Top Leaf 25 Ct Humidor Gift SetQuickviewTop Leaf 25 Ct Humidor Gift Set Cigar Accessory Sampler $120.00Only $74.95save $45.05Backordered Notify 
Xikar Xi2 Black Cutter QuickviewXikar Xi2 Black Cutter  $49.99Only $38.24save $11.75Backordered Notify 
Xikar Xi2 Blue Cutter QuickviewXikar Xi2 Blue Cutter  $49.99Only $38.24save $11.75Backordered Notify