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ACID cigars is a unique brand introduced in 1999 that offers an herbal, aromatic flavor in all of its shapes. Expressed in four distinctly different cigar lines, every cigar within the ACID family is a one-of-a-kind smoking experience. ACID cigars are handmade in Esteli, Nicaragua and some of the most popular lines include: ACID Red series, ACID Gold Holistics series, ACID Purple Juggernaut series and ACID Blue Remi series with the famous ACID cigars Kuba Kuba. If you’re just beginning to explore ACID cigars, try our ACID cigar samplers. Or, if you already love ACID cigars and smoke them every day, try our pocket-sized ACID cigar tins.
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Acid Cigar Reviews

   Very good variety pack
ACID Collector Tin 14 Cigar Sampler
By Tre
I had tried a few acid cigars before and liked them. This is a very good sampler pack to decide which other acid cigars you like. I never would have purchased a couple of the cigars individually but they came in the sampler, and now I am actually buying them. It is well worth the money!
   The Best of the Best for Unique Cigars
ACID Kuba Kuba Maduro
By JimiRock
This stogie is infused with some type of oils that give this cigar such a unique and one of a kind flavor. I'm partial to maduro wrappers, but the maduro wrapper can take away from the unique flavor of the cigar as the maduro wrapper itself is unique. Some times when you blend two unique things together it becomes extra special and, for the most part, that is what happens here. Still, there's a good chance that you would like the Kuba Kuba with the Sumatra wrapper over the maduro wrapper as the maduro wrapper tends to steal away from the unique flavors of the tobacco. The taste of this cigar will stay on your lips and it is such a unique and wonderful flavor. It's hard to explain the taste, but to me it is sweet with an oakie finish. The smell could rival some of the best incense and even novice smokers have a tendency to fall in love with this smoke. This cigar is part flavored cigar, part top shelf traditional smokes, and all pleasure! This is the unique smoke you have been looking for, so stop looking and add it to your cart. You can thank me later ;-)
   Another mainstay
ACID Blondie Panetela Connecticut
By Icefreon
These guys help fill my humidor, along with other blue band Acid products. I love the large belicoso blondies, but these are a great fast smoke when the time to enjoy the big boy isnt feasible. Great 15-20 min smoke. All the flavor half the size, YUM!
   Great Smoke
ACID Blondie Belicoso Connecticut
For Flavored Cigars You Can't beat the ACID lineup. I love the Blondie in both sizes. Sit back and enjoy and remember guys the ladies also like the ACID lineup also.
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