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Recluse cigars are fermented for two years then hand rolled in the old world "entubao" style from Cuba, with all three leaf fillers rolled individually. This rolling technique provides an easy draw. Available in a variety of sizes at Thompson Cigar.

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Recluse Amadeus Robusto Connecticut CigarsQuickviewRecluse Amadeuss Robsuto Connecticut Robusto (5.0"x52) BOX (24)
 Only $162.00 In Stock 
Recluse Amadeuss Toro Connecticut CigarsQuickviewRecluse Amadeuss Toro Connecticut (6.2"x50) BOX (24)
$204.00Only $183.60save $20.40In Stock 
Recluse Otg Toro Maduro (6.2"x50) BOX (24)QuickviewRecluse Otg Toro Maduro (6.2"x50) BOX (24)
$204.00Only $183.60save $20.40In Stock 
Recluse Amadeus Robusto Habano CigarsQuickviewRecluse Amadeuss Robusto Habano (5.0"x52) BOX (24)
$180.00Only $162.00save $18.00In Stock 
Recluse Amadeus Tarantula Connecticut CigarsQuickviewRecluse Amadeuss Tarantula Connecticut Gordo (6.0"x60) BOX (24)
$228.00Only $205.20save $22.80In Stock 
Recluse Amadeus Toro Habano CigarsQuickviewRecluse Amadeuss Toro Habano (6.2"x50) BOX (24)
$204.00Only $183.60save $20.40In Stock 
Recluse Otg Robusto Maduro (5.0"x52) BOX (24)QuickviewRecluse Otg Robusto Maduro (5.0"x52) BOX (24)
$180.00Only $162.00save $18.00Only 2 Left 
Recluse Otg Tarantula Maduro Gordo (6.0"x60) BOX (24)QuickviewRecluse Otg Tarantula Maduro Gordo (6.0"x60) BOX (24)
$228.00Only $205.20save $22.80Only 4 Left