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Oasis Caliber IV Digital Hygrometer  Black
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Oasis Caliber IV Digital Hygrometer

Item # CONAHYG01-1000
The Oasis Caliber IV Digital Hygrometer keeps your humidor in check with meticulous measurement. Grab one today and make sure your humidor is performing to its maximum capability. Dimensions: Length: 4” Width: 1.3” Depth: 0.4”
Overall Rating4.53 out of 5 Based on 17 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Oasis Caliber IV Digital Hygrometer”

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1 out of 5
Bad hydrometer
The hydrometer is off by a lot, i have tried to calibrate by an accurate hydrometer in my main humidor and also the salt test. It never gets above 60 % so the 6% max adjustment will not work. Buy the Hygro-Set Adjustable Digital Hygrometer, they work well
4 out of 5
Good buy
Much more accurate than the hygrometer included with the humidor. The only issue is that it is hard to read if it is mounted in the lid. If you look at it at any angle you will see all the digital lines instead of the one showing the actual humidity level.
4 out of 5
Seems to be working very well
Nice product.
5 out of 5
Good Item. Would buy again.
I calibrated it when I got it and it seems to be working fine. Pretty simple.
4 out of 5
I would buy again
I love the product but it did not fit in the hole in my humidor
5 out of 5
Good hygrometer
Works perfect
5 out of 5
Accurate readings, nice looking product.
I salt tested it upon receipt and it only needed a minor adjustment; I live in the Arizona hot desert, thus I use 75% Boveda Humidipaks in all my humidors, and this is the only hygrometer that constantly reads between 72% and 74%, and the temperature readings are always right. I will definitely buy 2 more Oasis Gold Hygrometers for my other large humidors.
5 out of 5
Excellent Hygrometer!
Love it! Salt tested it right out of the box and after 12 hours it showed a perfect 72%. I will definitely buy more for my other humidors!
5 out of 5
Great Product
I recently purchased a second Oasis Gold Hygrometer. It is consistent with temperature and humidity.
5 out of 5
Accurate readings and easy setup
I had to make a minor adjustment out of the box to get this calibrated but after that it has worked just fine. It's easy to adjust the settings if needed.
4 out of 5
Great option
Accurate right out of box
5 out of 5
Excellent Hygrometer for Cigar Humidors
I have stored and aged cigars in several humidors for 25 years, and I have tried a variety of hygrometers in the process. I now have Caliber IV units in all my humidors. I do a salt calibration every 3 months or so, and the Calibers have always been more accurate out of the box than any other brand I tried, usually they are off by plus or minus 1%. The display can be adjusted easily during the calibration and shows RH accurately and reliably. I am currently replacing all my cigar oasis electronic humidifiers (which are measuring RH poorly with deviations of 7%) with beads, and the Calibers are accurate and take very little space even in desktop humidors. Highly recommended.
5 out of 5
Great Hygrometer
I bought 2 of these to monitor the temperature and humidity in my Newair Cigar Cooler and so far they have been perfect! As soon as I got them I did a salt test and they both read 72% so I adjusted them up 3% and now they are spot on. For the price, you can't go wrong!
5 out of 5
I would buy again
Easy to use.
5 out of 5
This product beats all the Hygrometers (2) purchased from Thompson. I bought this based on one review and without any specs. It is adjustable for humidity settings however the factory preset works just fine. It is 0.75 inches in height and the bottom section is 2 inches in diameter. The face cover is 2.25 inches in diameter.
5 out of 5
Failed to mention in my last review
This has a magnetic adhesive back that can be mounted on the humidor lid.
5 out of 5
Super accurate
I bought this hygrometer because my old analog hygrometer broke. I always heard that digital was the way to go. After some research and reading a lot of reviews I wanted to find a digital hygrometer that would fit the 2 3/8 hole on my humidor. The hardest part about shopping for this hygrometer was that there are no dimensions listed on any review. However I bought it anyway. It did not fit in the hole in the front of my humidor because it is too small, but I decided to place it on the tray that I could see through the glass top. I have not been disappointed in any way of the purchase of this hygrometer. I would recommend it to anyone