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The Black Ice Humidification jar is one-of-a-kind. The Black Ice “Pie Jars” separate into 4 equal-sized pieces to allow for a more even humidity distribution, as well as they, take up less space by fitting into the corners of your humidor. These new Black Ice Crystals allow for a slower, steadier release of moisture to ensure the stability of humidity in your humidor. The 8oz jar is designed for larger 150 to 300-capacity humidors. 

Please Note: Crystals are shipped dry/not activated to allow you the flexibility to use only a fraction of the jar if desired. The dry crystals are very small, but will fill the container when activated. To activate, simply fill each section with distilled water or cigar juice about halfway then wait approximately 30 minutes until the crystals absorb all of the liquid.

8.00 oz
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At first glance the beads looked as small as BB's and there weren't very many of them it seemed. As directed I filled the jar segments half full of Cigar Juice and put the screens back in. The next time I looked in my humidor the beads had expanded to fill the jar segments. Pretty cool! They work as advertised, the humidity stays between 65 and 70% and my cigars smoke and taste great. Only problem that I encountered was that the 8oz. jar that I ordered was to tall to put into the corners of my humidor. The lip on the inside of the humidor lid would not allow me to close it. I had to reposition the jar pieces around to make it work out but that was OK. Next time I will order the smaller jar. I would highly recommend this product.
David R. verifiedverified buyer
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