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Triple Up Samplers

Three is the magic number…and we just proved that adage with our brand-new Triple Up Samplers. Three times the goodness for fifteen premium handmades, with savings as high as an elephant's eye! And the assortments? Top notch. Including brands like Rocky Patel, Oliva, Macanudo, Montecristo, Perdomo, and many more!

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Top-Shelf Triple Up  SAMPLER (15)QuickviewTop-Shelf Triple Up SAMPLER (15) $198.15Only $69.95save $128.20In Stock 
90+ Rated Maduro Triple Up Cigar SamplersQuickview90+ Rated Maduro Triple Up SAMPLER (15) $141.50Only $64.95save $76.55In Stock 
Top Triple Up  SAMPLER (15)QuickviewTop 25 of 2019 Triple Up SAMPLER (15) $113.25Only $69.95save $43.30In Stock 
Hearty Habano Triple Up CigarsQuickviewHearty Habano Triple Up SAMPLER (15)Sale $109.55Only $64.99save $44.56In Stock 
Cuban Comparables Triple Up  SAMPLER (15)QuickviewCuban Comparables Triple Up SAMPLER (15) $128.95Only $59.95save $69.00In Stock 
Classic Companions Triple Up  15 CigarsQuickviewClassic Companions Triple Up 15 Cigars $229.95Only $64.95save $165.00Backordered Notify 
Off The Hook Triple Up  SAMPLER (15)QuickviewOff The Hook Triple Up SAMPLER (15) $91.85Only $34.95save $56.90Backordered Notify 
Connecticut Connoisseurs Triple Up  SAMPLER (15)QuickviewConnecticut Connoisseurs Triple Up SAMPLER (15) $137.90Only $59.95save $77.95Backordered Notify 
Coffee Talk Triple Up  15 CigarsQuickviewCoffee Talk Triple Up 15 Cigars $133.63Only $59.95save $73.68Backordered Notify 
ACID Safari Triple Up Sampler Cigar SamplersQuickviewACID Safari Triple Up 15 Cigars $147.27Only $69.95save $77.32Backordered Notify 
Monte Mania Triple Up  SAMPLER (15)QuickviewMonte Mania Triple Up SAMPLER (15) $169.45Only $79.95save $89.50Backordered Notify 
San Andres Showdown Triple Up  15 CigarsQuickviewSan Andres Showdown Triple Up 15 Cigars $122.25Only $59.95save $62.30Backordered Notify 
AJ's Top Shelf Triple Up  15 CigarsQuickviewAJ's Top Shelf Triple Up 15 Cigars $184.66Only $59.95save $124.71Backordered Notify