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Phillies cigars have made a name for themselves through years of satisfactory performance and rich flavors valued by cigar smokers around the world. Produced in Puerto Rico, Phillies cigars feature filler tobacco from the Dominican Republic and Honduras for the perfect, smooth-bodied taste. Thompson Cigar offers a wide selection of sizes and flavors including the original Phillies Blunt, Phillies Titan, Phillies Strawberry Blunts and Phillies Grape Blunts.

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Phillies Titan Lonsdale Natural CigarsQuickviewPhillies Titan Natural Lonsdale (Corona) (6.1"x44) BOX (50) $59.50Only $44.99save $14.51In Stock 
Phillies Blunt Petite Corona Natural CigarsQuickviewPhillies Blunt Natural Petite Corona (Perfecto) (4.9"x41) BOX (55) $52.25Only $43.99save $8.26In Stock 
Phillies Titan Natural Lonsdale (6.1"x44) PACK (50)QuickviewPhillies Titan Natural Lonsdale (6.1"x44) PACK (50)  Only $44.99 In Stock 
Phillies Strawberry Natural Petite Corona (4.9"x41) BOX (55)QuickviewPhillies Strawberry Natural Petite Corona (4.9"x41) BOX (55) $52.00Only $43.99save $8.01In Stock