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Padilla is known for its very successful small batch boutique blends which have garnered much praise and high ratings. Experience Padilla Cigars now at Thompson Cigar!

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Padilla Fumas Connecticut Churchill (7.0"x50) Box of 20QuickviewPadilla Fumas Connecticut Churchill (7.0"x50) Box of 20New $110.00Only $44.99save $65.01In Stock 
Padilla Hybrid Robusto Connecticut CigarsQuickviewPadilla Hybrid Robusto Connecticut (5.0"x50) Pack of 20New $115.00Only $54.99save $60.01In Stock 
Padilla Connecticut Robusto Connecticut (5.0"x50) BOX (20)QuickviewPadilla Connecticut Robusto Connecticut (5.0"x50) BOX (20) $160.00Only $99.95save $60.05In Stock 
Padilla Finest Hour Robusto Habano Single CigarsQuickviewPadilla Finest Hour Robusto Habano (5.0"x52) SingleNew  Only $7.50 In Stock 
Padilla Hybrid Torpedo Connecticut CigarsQuickviewPadilla Hybrid Torpedo Connecticut (6.0"x52) Pack of 20New $135.00Only $64.99save $70.01In Stock 
Padilla Toro Criollo (6.0"x52) BOX (20)QuickviewPadilla Toro Criollo (6.0"x52) BOX (20)  Only $144.00 Only 4 Left 
Padilla Fumas Connecticut Robusto CigarsQuickviewPadilla Fumas Connecticut Robusto (5.0"x50) BOX (20)New $90.00Only $39.99save $50.01In Stock 
Padilla Fumas Connecticut Torpedo CigarsQuickviewPadilla Fumas Connecticut Torpedo (6.2"x52) BOX (20)New $110.00Only $44.99save $65.01In Stock 
Padilla Hybrid Toro Connecticut CigarsQuickviewPadilla Hybrid Toro Connecticut (6.0"x50) Pack of 20New $125.00Only $59.99save $65.01In Stock 
Padilla Hybrid Toro Gordo Connecticut CigarsQuickviewPadilla Hybrid Toro Gordo Connecticut (6.0"x60) Pack of 20New $155.00Only $74.99save $80.01In Stock 
Padilla San Andres Robusto Maduro (5.0"x54) BOX (20)QuickviewPadilla San Andres Robusto Maduro (5.0"x54) BOX (20)  Only $135.00 Only 4 Left 
Padilla San Andres Toro Maduro CigarsQuickviewPadilla San Andres Toro Maduro (6.0"x52) BOX (20)  Only $144.00 In Stock 
Padilla Double Toro Criollo CigarsQuickviewPadilla Double Toro Criollo (Gordo) (6.0"x60) BOX (20)  Only $153.00 In Stock 
Padilla La Pilar Toro Habano CigarsQuickviewPadilla La Pilar Toro Habano (6.0"x52) BOX (20) $122.00Only $99.95save $22.05Out Of StockShop Now