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Miraflor Cigars come from master blender, Rhadames Perez from Santiago, known for the wildly popular V.S.O.P. lines. Try the Miraflor Barrel Collection for infused flavors or try the more traditional and highly rated by our customers Miraflor line.

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Miraflor Churchill Habano (7.0"x50) BOX (20)QuickviewMiraflor Churchill Habano (7.0"x50) BOX (20)
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Miraflor Toro Habano CigarsQuickviewMiraflor Toro Habano (6.0"x50) PACK (5)
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Miraflor Toro Connecticut Cognac CigarsQuickviewMiraflor Toro Connecticut Cognac BOX (20)
$124.00Only $59.95save $64.05In Stock