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Discover Leprechaun premium cigarillos for a taste of the Emerald Isle. Choose from a variety of flavors like cherry, rum, or vanilla at Thompson Cigar.

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Leprechaun Wilde 2-Fer Natural Mini CigarilloQuickviewLeprechaun Wilde 2-Fer Natural Mini Cigarillo (Cigarillos) (4.0"x23) BOX (100) $74.95Only $49.95save $25.00In Stock 
Leprechaun Mini Cigarillo Sumatra 2-FerQuickviewLeprechaun Mini Cigarillo Sumatra 2-Fer (Cigarillos) (3.1"x23) BOX (200) $149.90Only $79.95save $69.95In Stock 
Leprechaun Mini Cigarillo SumatraQuickviewLeprechaun Mini Cigarillo Sumatra (Cigarillos) (3.1"x23) BOX (100) $74.95Only $44.95save $30.00In Stock 
Leprechaun Senoritas 4-Fer Natural Mini CigarilloQuickviewLeprechaun Senoritas 4-Fer Natural Mini Cigarillo (Cigarillos) (3.8"x31) BOX (200) $149.90Only $104.95save $44.95Backordered Notify 
Leprechaun Mini Cigarillo Sumatra Cherry 2-FerQuickviewLeprechaun Mini Cigarillo Sumatra Cherry 2-Fer (Cigarillos) (3.1"x23) BOX (200) $149.90Only $79.95save $69.95Backordered Notify