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La Gloria Cubana Serie R

Some cigars catch our eye because they may have an outlandish band or they have been highly regarded in one of the glossy magazines.  Others, still, garner your attention because they are the latest darling of the unicorn hunters, always looking for the next great cigar.  There can be no substitute for a cigar that has become a trusted companion through consistently delivering excellence.  Such is how I view the La Gloria Cubana Serie R.  This cigar is an old friend that I’m always happy to see.  Today we are going to relish the Natural No. 5 Robusto with an exceptional Sumatra wrapper from the cloudy elevations of Ecuador.

This is a captivating blend, melding together the spice and earth of Nicaragua with the calming richness of the Dominican, finished with a sultry and gently spicy Sumatra leaf.  The beautifully rolled No. 5 opens with a dash of spice from the wrapper and Nicaraguan filler and then smoothes out deliciously with the Domincan tobacco richness.  The spice and savory layers offer up great complexity while enveloped by the balance of the tobacco and earth notes.  Serie R is the real deal.

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