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Shop a wide selection of gifts for the cigar beginners and cigar aficionados in your life! Find the perfect cigar gift for any holiday with cigar samplers of the month, flavored cigars, cigar memorabilia and cigar gadgets, and cigars for budget smokers. Thompson Cigar has what you need for the best cigar gifts for men, cigar gifts for dad, any holiday or special occasion.
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US Marine Cigar CutterQuickviewUS Marine Cigar Cutter
$29.95Only $19.95save $10.00Out Of StockShop Now
Cutter Tri ScissorQuickviewCutter Tri Scissor Stainless Steel
$14.00Only $9.95save $4.05Only 5 Left 
Xikar Xi2 Black Cutter QuickviewXikar Xi2 Black Cutter
$49.99Only $42.50save $7.49In Stock 
Xikar 009 Black Punch Cutter QuickviewXikar 009 Black Punch Cutter
$54.99Only $46.99save $8.00In Stock 
US Navy Cigar CutterQuickviewUS Navy Cigar Cutter
$29.95Only $19.95save $10.00Out Of StockShop Now
US Air Force Cigar CutterQuickviewUS Air Force Cigar Cutter
$29.95Only $19.95save $10.00Out Of StockShop Now
Xikar VX Gunmetal Cigar Cutter  Gun MetalQuickviewXikar VX Gunmetal Cigar Cutter Gun Metal
$49.99Only $42.50save $7.49In Stock 
Xikar X8 Black Cutter QuickviewXikar X8 Black Cutter
$34.99Only $29.99save $5.00In Stock 
Xikar VX Silver Cigar Cutter QuickviewXikar VX Silver Cigar Cutter
$49.99Only $42.50save $7.49In Stock 
US Army Cigar CutterQuickviewUS Army Cigar Cutter
$29.95Only $19.95save $10.00Out Of StockShop Now
Xikar Xi2 Blue Cutter QuickviewXikar Xi2 Blue Cutter
$49.99Only $42.50save $7.49In Stock 
Cutter XI Black QuickviewCutter XI Black
$74.99Only $63.99save $11.00In Stock 
Xikar Xi3 Cutter Titanium BlackQuickviewXikar Xi3 Cutter Titanium Black
$110.00Only $93.50save $16.50Backordered Notify 
Xikar X875 Stainless Steel Cutter  BlackQuickviewXikar X875 Stainless Steel Cutter Black
$39.99Only $33.99save $6.00In Stock