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General Cigar Summer Stock-Up

It’s hot and the deals at Thompson Cigar are blazin’! For a VERY limited time, we’ve released a no-holds-barred plethora of savings during our General Cigar Summer Stock-Up sales event! From the makers of CAO, Macanudo, Punch, plus many more, you’ll find yourself reveling in savings up to 20% on select items! Scroll, browse, click, and whatever else you have to do to stock up the trusty humidor! Supplies are limited so act now and stock up for the summer! 

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 Only $31.95-$90.27  Shop Now
 Only $9.59-$159.45  Shop Now
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Cohiba Red Dot Pequenos Cameroon (Cigarillos) (4.2"x34) PACK (30)
$117.95Only $69.96save $47.99In Stock 
 Only $13.19-$91.88  Shop Now
Punch London Club EMS Petite Corona (5.0"x40) BOX (25)
$87.25Only $63.90save $23.35In Stock 
Punch London Club Maduro Petite Corona (5.0"x40) BOX (25)
$87.25Only $63.90save $23.35In Stock 
Hoyo De Monterrey Excalibur Cigarillo EMS - 200 Cigarillos (4.0"x24) BOX (200)
$171.90Only $124.65save $47.25In Stock 
Macanudo Cafe Ascot Cigarillos Connecticut (4.2"x32) PACK (10)
 Only $19.49 In Stock 
 Only $207.92  Shop Now
Punch Pita EMS2 Options
 Only $56.47-$128.67  Shop Now
 Only $56.90-$91.04  Shop Now
 Only $32.61-$108.73  Shop Now
 Only $40.45-$161.63  Shop Now
 Only $40.68-$183.30  Shop Now
 Only $21.59-$134.42  Shop Now
 Only $20.49-$153.22  Shop Now
 Only $10.49-$167.84  Shop Now
 Only $7.39-$101.63  Shop Now
Hoyo De Monterrey Excalibur I Double Corona EMS3 Options
Plus Hoyo Excalibur & Lighter Combo with purchase of BOX 20!
 Only $69.80-$129.61  Shop Now
Punch After Dinner2 Options
 Only $51.77-$116.93  Shop Now
 Only $26.00-$122.96  Shop Now
Macanudo Inspirado White Robusto Connecticut (5.0"x50) BOX (10)
$67.90Only $53.52save $14.38In Stock 
 Only $83.95-$309.97  Shop Now
Punch Cigarillos EMS Cigarillo 20 Count (4.0"x24) PACK (20)
 Only $14.99 In Stock 
 Only $6.89-$94.53  Shop Now
$48.60Only $39.99save $8.61In Stock 
 Only $19.49-$148.01  Shop Now