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Ashton is one of the world's most sought after and well-respected premium brands. Ashton cigars are offered in six very different and distinct blends of cigar leafs and aging periods. Each Ashton cigar travels through an endless array of quality control inspections at the Fuente factory. These standards for quality control are unequaled by any other manufacturer. Once produced, the Ashton Classic, the Ashton Aged Maduro, the Ashton Cabinet Selection, Ashton VSG (Virgin Sun Grown), and Ashton Heritage Puro Sol cigar lines combine to offer the cigar connoisseur a remarkable diversity, consistency and quality in a premium cigar.

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Ashton Connecticut Series Half Corona CigarsQuickviewAshton Connecticut Series Half Corona (Petite Corona) (4.1"x37) PACK (50)
$110.00Only $101.25save $8.75In Stock 
Ashton VSG Sampler Sun Grown Cigar SamplersQuickviewAshton VSG Sampler Sun Grown SAMPLER (5)
$68.05Only $61.26save $6.79In Stock 
Ashton Classic Half Corona Cameroon CigarsQuickviewAshton Classic Half Corona Cameroon (Petite Corona) (4.1"x37) PACK (50)
$112.50Only $101.25save $11.25In Stock 
Ashton Classic Double Magnum Connecticut CigarsQuickviewAshton Classic Double Magnum Connecticut (Toro) (6.0"x50) BOX (25)
$297.50Only $267.75save $29.75In Stock 
Ashton Classic Senorita Connecticut Cigarillo (Cigarillos) (3.7"x30) PACK (100)QuickviewAshton Classic Senorita Connecticut Cigarillo (Cigarillos) (3.7"x30) PACK (100)
$160.00Only $144.00save $16.00In Stock 
Ashton Classic Cigarillo Natural (Cigarillos) (4.0"x28) PACK (100)QuickviewAshton Classic Cigarillo Natural (Cigarillos) (4.0"x28) PACK (100)
$142.50Only $135.00save $7.50In Stock 
Ashton Cigar Sampler  SAMPLER (5)QuickviewAshton Cigar Sampler SAMPLER (5)
$56.30Only $50.67save $5.63In Stock 
Ashton Connecticut Series Senoritas Cigarillo (Cigarillos) (3.7"x30) PACK (100)QuickviewAshton Connecticut Series Senoritas Cigarillo (Cigarillos) (3.7"x30) PACK (100)
$160.00Only $144.00save $16.00In Stock 
Ashton VSG Torpedo Sun Grown CigarsQuickviewAshton VSG Torpedo Sun Grown (6.5"x55) BOX (24)
$336.00Only $302.40save $33.60In Stock 
Ashton VSG Belicoso No. 1 Sun Grown CigarsQuickviewAshton VSG Belicoso No. 1 Sun Grown (5.2"x52) PACK (4)
$47.40Only $45.74save $1.66In Stock