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Alec Bradley Post Embargo

No one can argue that there is a lot of competition for that precious humidor space and tobacco dollar, but sometimes it’s nice to cross paths with an absolute delight from a trusted name.  That is what the Alec Bradley Post Embargo that you are holding before you represents.  This blend pulls out all of the stops to take your palate on a reunion tour you’ve needed.Comprised of tobaccos from Honduras and Nicaragua, this blend creates a great presentation of Central American leaf.  The wrapper is Criollo and smells sultry and packed with baking spices.  At the foot, the filler smells elusive.  The aroma is dense and guarded, but clearly loaded with tobacco notes and moist earth, but not barnyard notes, like you would find in a Maduro. Once lit, the Post Embargo takes charge.  It starts right up with its full potential, offering up a rich coffee flavor with a moderately bright acidity, like black cherry.   Some sweet cedar notes smooth out any edges that this blend may have and there’s enough of a hint of pepper to give a little bit of punch. 

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