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Aging Room Bin No. 1

Aging Room cigars have been making hit after hit without missing a step. The Master Blender, Rafael Nodal suggests enjoying the Aging Room Bin No. 1 after a big dinner when the palate is primed for a full body flavor. The blend is full of Ligero leaves which gives it the medium to full body flavor and the Habano wrapper adds some spice to the profile.

Aging Room Bin No. 1
B Minor 6-1/8” x 52
Made: Dominican Republic     Wrapper:  Habano - Ecuador
Binder: Dominican Republic    Filler: Dominican Republic   

We are so thoroughly enamored with the exceptional work that Rafael Nodal is conducting that these cigars are frequent occupants of our own humidors.  The Aging Room Bin No. 1 is no exception.  This Toro, named B Minor to stay with the musical theme of the naming of the sizes in this line, is a work of art to behold.  Even better is when you inspect it with your nose.

Beneath the large wine label-esque outer band, this Dominican-made cigar is comprised of all Dominican tobacco with the exception of the exquisite Habano wrapper from Ecuador.  The combination of the substantial, full-bodied character of the Habano strain and the rich, yet mellow, soils of Ecuador, shrouded under tropical cloud cover, creates this tasty and lightly oily wrapper leaf.  The filler smells of a fairly standard Dominican composition of malt, black pepper, and fresh bread or toast.

This Toro is exceptionally well made.  The feel of it in your hand showcases a generous bunch of tobacco in the filler and binder, finished by the flawless Colorado colored Habano wrapper.  Clipping the head lets you experience the quite clean and non-distinct cold draw in contrast to the rich flavor array of the component tobacco.  Add some fire and the secrets of this blend are released in a crescendo.  The initial aroma is hearty notes of roasted meats balanced by a delicious, sweet wood array.

The Aging Room line is produced for Nodal by Tabacalera Palma and the musically inspired names leave us thinking in terms of musical compositions and harmonies in tobacco.  The B Minor is right on key with a complex array of pepper and wood flavors that are smoothed and enhanced with sweeter notes of graham crackers and cashews.  The name of the line, Bin No. 1, is a name that also draws on wine traditions.  Hearty and bold but balanced, the Aging Room Bin No. 1 B Minor is a masterpiece in tobacco that you can’t help but cheer ”bravo” immediately followed by “cheers!”.

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