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Acid Cigarillos

Acid cigarillos are perfect for the Acid cigar fan on the go. These handmade petite cigarillos are available in the four distinct Acid blends: Red, Blue, Purple and Gold and are packaged in convenient tins that give you portability and freshness wherever you go. Shop ACID Cigarillos now at Thompson Cigar.

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Acid Green Candela CigarilloQuickviewAcid Green Candela Cigarillos (4.3"x28) PACK (45)
$44.55Only $33.95save $10.60In Stock 
Acid Blue Natural Cigarillo InfusedQuickviewAcid Blue Natural Cigarillo (Cigarillos) (4.3"x28) PACK (45)
$44.55Only $33.95save $10.60Out Of StockShop Now