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Perfect. It doesn’t get any better
Perfect. It doesn’t get any better
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"This cigar is definitely deserving of the #1 rating for 2012. This cigar is great from packaging, to light up, all the way to the last puff. I love the sun grown wrapper. This cigar tastes like spring to me. Lots of warm flavors that get more prevalent as the cigar burns. This is a great gift cigar, when people see it in my humidor they love the ribbon at the end and the color and veins of the wrapper." - Wyatt
"I smoke Oliva Nub Cameroon regularly, but when I saw the chance to get a sampler that included a Nub Cutter, I had to have it.
Cameroon - Smooth, Rich, and Spicy. Cigar is perfect morning cigar, with tea.
Maduro - Rich, Smooth, full bodies with hints of mocha.
Habano - An excellent cigar, Full Bodied, Spicy, but not overpowering. I plan to buy a box.
Connecticut - Mild and Creamy, superb." - Cigar Doc
Flor De Las Antillas Toro Sun Grown
Nub By Oliva Variety Sampler With Cutter

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Arturo Fuente Chateau Series Double Chateau Natural Toro   Art Deco-30 Humidor   Herrera Esteli Piramide Fino Natural  
Perfect. It doesn’t get any better
That’s good stuff
Perfect. It doesn’t get any better
Arturo Fuente Chateau Series Double Chateau Natural Toro Art Deco 30 Count Humidor Herrera Esteli Piramide Fino Natural
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Perfect solution
By Ks from Las Vegas, NV
Use it in my 100 ct humi. Bought every humidification product out there. Boveda packs, humi pillows, sticks, jars, passive sponge type humidifiers, you name it. Some were great, others not so much. But for some reason it all felt so temporary and with how much of a perfectionist I am, I needed some real security for my sticks. Plus the fact that I live in a desert really messes with my rH. I have some pricey sticks that I just can't risk ruining so I went with this product. Did my research and found this to be the most favorable option for my position, not to mention all the other great reviews. If you're as much of an OCD maniac as myself about your cigars, go this route. You won't regret it. It sets up in under 10 minutes and in less than an hour have you to 70%.(although I set mine to 68%). My mind is finally at peace.
Great humi for great cigars
By Third Place from Wellington KS
Wow! What a beautiful humidor. I took 48 hours to season it. Using a digital hydrometer, it first read 85 percent, at the end of 24 hours it was down to 75 percent and has held there ever since. The passive humidifier works great and the seal around the lid is very tight making for a worry free environment. It should be noted that this is a solid Spanish Cedar Humidor with a veneer exterior. Some of the cheap boxes come with a Spanish Cedar 'lined' interior, but not these. It's heavy and very well made. Now for the analog hydrometer that's mounted in the front. I preformed 2 salt test (after removing it from the front) and compared it's reading to my digital. It's very important to make your adjustments only 2 to 3 increments at a time, place it back in the bag and wait a couple of hours. I was able to bring it within 2+- degrees of the digital. That's the good news. If you want complete accuracy though you may have to modify it. You'll notice that when you pull it out that it's vented (the rectangular holes for humidity to pass through) on the outside of the rim. These vent holes are blocked by the seal when installed leaving only the adjustment hole in the center of the back exposed. I drilled 6 1/4 inch holes around the back and it worked fine. I would highly recommend that you take the back off to do this otherwise drill shavings may get into the coil. This is easy to do if your careful. The instructions tell you to pry the back off with a screwdriver. DON'T. You'll break it, instead simply twist the back counter-clockwise until the 3 lugs clear the slots they sit in. Carefully remove the glass, rim, meter face, and the back. Drill your holes and deburr them, re-assemble, and presto you'll have a much more accurate devise. You may have read reviews that say the analog meters that come with these boxes are no good. This is not necessarily true. With patience and a little TLC you can have a accurate meter but I recommend an analog as a back up just to be safe and to have something to compare with. Finally, a word on humidification devices. I have 8 boxes and have learned the hard way. The passive devices that come with these units can and do work well depending on where you live and how well the box is made. Give them a chance before upgrading. Remember, humidity drops. The bottom of the box will be just a little more moist than the top. If you have a shelf on top you might consider a tube to compliment the devise in the bottom. If your having real problems the jars and pillows may be a waste of money. Consider going electronic. They're spendy but your problems will be over. Take pride in how you care for your cigars. If your into aging your sticks, record purchase dates. You might enjoy your own rating system? Looking after them and displaying them can be just as enjoyable as lighting one up. And this handsome box will reflect your good taste.
Works as Advertised
By AJ from Shreveport, LA
This item works as advertised. The Gels keep my 50 count humidor at 70% exactly. After opening the top to rearrange or pick a cigar the hygrometer drops to 58% or so pretty quick. Less than 30 minutes its back at 68% and within 2 hours its back to 70%. Also, I tested the hygrometer's calibration by using table salt, water and a zip lock bag and it is spot on (75%). I highly recomend this product.
Exceptional Flavor
By rcrdrvr from Chico, CA
What a surprise. A buddy turned me on to these and he hasn't really enjoyed many brand name smokes. I tried the 858's and these are just as good if not better, and you can't beat the price. I bought three boxes in the last month. Any of my friends that tried one wanted to split a box.
Very good smoke
By Fishinboy from tulsa, ok
If you cannot afford to smoke these everyday then it would be best not to try them so you will not know what you are missing!
Great Cigar!
By Steveo from Mulberry, KS
Wow, this is a fine cigar! I have to have more! I think this is my new favorite. I want to share them with friends, but I'm finding it hard to part with even one. They smell great and have a smooth flavor. I love to relax with an ACID Roam cigar and a nice glass of port.
Acid Collector Tin
By Rich from Kettering, Ohio
This is a great sampling of the Acid Cigar line! You can try them all for such a great price. My favorite by far is the Acid One which is not infused as the rest of the line are. This will let you know what to buy again!! Definitely try the Undercrown and Liga Pravada line from drew Estate. Great smokes with no infusions or flavorings.