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Rocky Patel Decade Toro Sumatra 5 Pack Cigars
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Rocky Patel Decade Toro Sumatra 5 Pack

Item # 5PF-PM-1395
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Rocky Patel Decade Toro has been rated 91 twice and 90 once which isn't an accomplishment you see every day. Rich, toasty, medium to full-bodied, it boasts a gorgeous, dark Sumatra wrapper filled with a secret blend of the world's finest tobaccos. Comes in an equally attractive box with lithographs. The beauty in the 5-Pack Fever deal is variety AND savings. With this buy more save more deal, you'll pay a fraction per 5-Pack than what you would if you bought just one. Buy up to 4 packs for the most savings per cigar. Must be labeled "5-Pack Fever". Discount will be shown at cart.
Overall Rating4.57 out of 5 Based on 30 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Rocky Patel Decade Toro Sumatra 5 Pack”

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4 out of 5
all in all a good smock
5 out of 5
every day smoke,very good burn
4 out of 5
A great smoke from RP
A great all around cigar
4 out of 5
Defijnitely a great deal
Great Cigars for the price. Very nice flavor and clouds of smoke. Some had uneven burn.
5 out of 5
great smoke
good smoke
5 out of 5
I would buy again
Great cigar, good consistentcy and good draw. , one of my favorites draw
5 out of 5
I would buy again......and I did.
Nutty taste, oak sent
3 out of 5
Four out five cigars were fine
Ones out five
4 out of 5
Good cigar
Good cigar I really like RP cigars.
5 out of 5
Great Smoke
One of my favorite smokes.
5 out of 5
Very nice strong cigar
Loved this cigar. Great draw and packed with flavor. I would say it's closer to Full than Medium so it's a great after-dinner smoke. Highly recommended if you like a strong smoke.
4 out of 5
Good cigar
Good cigar For everyday use. Probably my second favorite go to cigar
5 out of 5
Great deal
Great deal
4 out of 5
Smooth with a very good flavor profile
Always satisfying. never harsh.
5 out of 5
Great cigar you can never go wrong
4 out of 5
Would definitely buy again
Definitely a worthwhile smoke for the price. Was surprised at how nicely this stick performed aside from some minor uneven burn issues during the 1st and 2/3. Overall a great stick.
4 out of 5
A must have for your Humi! Excellent draw, taste & strength!
Great cigar, excellent for any occasion!!
4 out of 5
I would buy this product again
Quite possibly my favorite cigar in the world
4 out of 5
Buying the best!
A mild everyday smoke
5 out of 5
Amazing flavor.
5 out of 5
I would by this product again
Easy draw, great taste. Very good cigar.
5 out of 5
A wonderful find!
This is another great smoke from RP. Great taste that lasts until the final draw.
5 out of 5
Always Great!
Good Smoke. I'm a big RP fan and these are right up my alley
5 out of 5
Nice smoke to make a day better!!
Good smoke. Nice cut, good wrapper and smooth smoke. Ill order this again
5 out of 5
Great All Around Cigar
This is my go to cigar when I want to really enjoy a cigar and not experiment. Always a good smoke!
4 out of 5
Super Big Fan of This Stick
This is probably my favorite RP stick right now. I smoke at least 5 per week of this cigar. I'm no aficionado. I'm a daily smoker of 2-3 cigars per day. My favorite cigar profile is leathery, medium strength, solid construction, that doesn't get bitter when I smoke it quickly. This is that stick. Rocky Patel? I smoke them all regularly 92's, 90's, 99's, 03's, Platinum's, Royal's, etc. This is my favorite at the moment. Every time I go into the humidor I want to grab one of these, The times I don't it's because I'm forcing myself to smoke something else so I don't burn through all my Decade's in a week. Every time I do 5-pack fever (which is about twice per week) one pack is the Decade's.
5 out of 5
love em
love the aroma from them
5 out of 5
RP Decade is a great smoke
RP Decade is one I would smoke everyday.
5 out of 5
Excellent liesure time cigar
I really enjoy these cigars, which are equally good with a cup of coffee or snifter of brandy.
5 out of 5
Outstanding cigar
I found this cigar very smooth and easy to smoke. Whenever I purchase cigars my order always includes some of these.