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Acid Loud Sampler New

Item # AIASST61-SP-1000

Acid Loud Sampler New

Item # AIASST61-SP-1000
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Let's get loud!

Sometimes one taste of a specific blend just doesn't do the trick. Well, the Acid Loud Sampler gives you the opportunity to try two of each of the five cigars that are included, which means double the fun!  You might be wondering- well, what am I going to taste with these cigars. That's a lot of the fun with ACID cigars- Drew Estate believes the flavor notes are in the taste buds of each customer. So go ahead, give these 5 blends a try and get loud and have some fun in the process!

The ACID Loud Sampler includes:

2 x ACID Roam (7" x 48)

2 x ACID Nefasto (6" x 52)

2 x ACID Blondie (4" x 38)

2 x ACID Liquid (5.0" x 50)

2 x ACID Nasty (4.0" x 52)

Note: This sampler is currently on pre-order and is expected to start shipping in September.

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