Cigar Lifestyle Introduction

You enjoy the finer things in life; a fine cigar, the smoky peat flavor of a single malt Scotch, the oaky goodness of a premium Chardonnay, the light crispness of a good Pilsner beer... the possibilities are endless.

Welcome to Thompson Cigars's Lifestyle section, dedicated to providing you with a wide variety of information on some of the many things you can choose to complement your taste in and enjoyment of cigars.

Cigar History

Did you know nicotine is named after Jean Nicote, a French Diplomat who helped popularize the use of tobacco back in the 1500s? Learn many interesting facts about the history of tobacco.

Cigars & Spirits

Sharing that fine cigar with a fine spirit is a traditional way of increasing your enjoyment and relaxation. But what type of spirit to choose? Our in-depth guide will help you choose a spirit sure to enhance your pleasure.

Single Malt Scotch

Made in only one distillery, not blended with any other malts, produced only in Scotland, and only with barley malt. The pure and natural stuff - single malt Scotch.

Brandy and Cognac

Brandy and Cognac have emerged very popular drinks to accompany fine cigars. Their clean flavors stimulate the palate and go well with the smooth, spiciness of a premium hand-rolled cigar.

Varieties of Port

A sweet, fortified wine from the grapes growing on the deep valley walls sloping down to the Douro River in Portugal. Its name coming from Oporto, Port is made from up to about 40 grape varieties, most of which are red Here are all the details you need.


Along with wine, beer is one of the world's oldest beverages. Learn more about the more than 60 styles of beer currently brewed world-wide.

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