VSOP cigars are made for the everyday smoker who isn't willing to sacrifice quality for price. These cigars are hand-made exclusively for Thompson Cigar by master blenders in the Dominican Republic. VSOP has been one of Thompson's best-selling cigars for more than 15 years.

    This exclusive relationship allows us to offer these high-quality cigars without the typical middlemen and markup, meaning you get a better cigar at a better price. VSOP are "Hecho a Mano," which means they are rolled by hand, not machines. Read More

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    VSOP are the perfect cigars for the connoisseur who truly enjoys value. Made with Dominican long fillers, the leaves are slow cured in a climate-controlled barn and aged a minimum of three years before being used. When it comes out of that barn, the tobacco is transformed and has smoother, complex flavors that result in a premium cigar smoking experience. Each stick is hand-rolled with care and precision.

    There are no chopped leaves or bargain fillers here, just a rewarding smoke every time. The price per stick makes VSOP especially rewarding.

    Thompson Cigar carries a variety of VSOP cigar sizes and styles including the Toro natural that match the Dominican filler and binder with a beautiful reddish-brown wrapper from the humid fields of Indonesia, the classic Churchill Maduro for a slightly richer flavor, or try some with your favorite flavors with the Cognac and Whiskey Tube Assortment.

    Mild to medium and consistent, VSOP cigars are perfect for everyday smoking. The flavors are straight-forward and mild enough to please a sensitive palate, but flavorful enough to enjoy again and again. They work just as well with your morning coffee as they do with a nightcap after the sun goes down.

    Buy VSOP Cigars today for as little as $1.65 per stick and discover your new everyday cigar. Whether you prefer a standard Corona, the larger, longer-smoking Double Corona, a Toro or even a Torpedo, Thompson Cigar has a VSOP for you. Enjoy a smoke on the golf course, over the morning paper, or for special occasions, VSOP is the brand that delivers every time at the right price.

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