Swisher Sweets is one of the smoothest smoking experiences you will ever enjoy. Swisher Sweets has long strived to make their brand accessible to all cigar enthusiasts, and the Swisher line of cigars does just that. At modest prices, Swisher Sweets cigars appeal to those who don't want to spend extravagantly to enjoy their daily smokes. Available in swisher sweets tipped, swisher sweets flavored, swisher sweets cigarillos and more. You can't beat the value or the pleasure of Swisher Sweets.

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    Swisher Sweets Reviews

       a real enjoyable cigar
    Swisher Sweets Blunts Natural Petite Corona Sweet
    By Don
    I realy enjoy a good cigar at the end of the day. Doen't matter what has happened or how stressful the day was it is just nice to sit back and enjoy the flavor of this cigar.
       Swisher Sweet Cigarillos
    Swisher Sweets Cigarillo Natural Sweet
    By famous amos
    I used to smoke Swisher Sweet Slims but after trying the cigarillos I have found my cigar of choice. I only smoke a few a day and love every draw I take. I don't have any con's to write about.
       thompson is the best
    Swisher Sweets Grape Natural Cigarillo
    By steelhd201
    I like the small cigar for everyday use, i also smoke victor Sinclair for a longer enjoyable smoke around the camp fire with a good scotch
       Sweet and smooth.
    Swisher Sweets Outlaws Natural Cigarillo Sweet
    By Ridge Rider
    I have thoroughly enjoyed the Outlaws. They light easy, have a pleasing aroma and flavor. The sweet just adds to the enjoyment of this super mild and smooth smoke.
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    Swisher Sweets BLK Smooth features a unique fusion of hand selected air and fire cured pipe tobaccos packed with a sensational taste and aroma unlike any cigar you've ever experienced. Swisher BLK is mild, sweet, and tipped for easy smoking. ...
    Swisher Sweets Cigarillos in Grape are uniquely blended ...
    Swisher Sweets Cigarillos in Grape are uniquely blended with fine tobaccos and delicious grape flavoring that results in a tasty smoke. Pleasantly aromatic without being overwhelming, these cigarillos from Swisher are individually wrapped to maintain their scent and flavors.
    Swisher Sweets White Grape Foil Wrapped Cigarillos 60 ...
    Swisher Sweets White Grape Foil Wrapped Cigarillos 60 Count are smooth-smoking, mild cigars produced with a unique blend of quality tobaccos enhanced with delicious white grape flavor and a sweetened cap. White Grape Swisher Upright Cigarillos continue the long tradition ...
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