Since 1875, Romeo y Julieta Cigars have been sparking love affairs with cigar smokers around the world. The popularity of the brand exploded through the 20th century and it soon became the cigar brand favored by the rich and powerful; Sir Winston Churchill not least among them. Today, the success of Romeo y Julieta Cigars continues. Attention to detail and a healthy respect for its Cuban heritage have created a legacy of extraordinary flavor, construction, and consistency for the brand. While most lines tend toward mild or medium in body, the Romeo and Julieta Havoc Cigars, break the mold with their full-bodied, silky smooth smoking experience.

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    Romeo y Julieta Cigar Reviews

       Great taste and feel in the mouth
    Romeo Y Julieta Havoc Magnum Habano Gordo
    By Ray
    I saw the Havoc at my Golf Course and decided to give it a try. I Love their products. I bought one and tried it on the course and enjoyed the smooth flavorful taste and feeling in the mouth,. Not too peppery and very satisfying. After the round I wen back and bought two more so that I could enjoy one after golf with a nice drink and for the next day. I ordered a box on the next day. While waiting for them to arrive, I purchased five more. Truly enjoy this cigar from Romeo y Julieta and it compares quite favorably to the Cubans That I have received. I have given some to friends and they too have liked them and even bought some for their own use. For my taste I make them one of my must haves.
       Smoke Break Perfection
    Romeo y Julieta Habana Reserve Robusto
    By millersart
    These are a great quick smoke when there isn't much time. Excellent flavor and smoke output and no cutting required. The tins are convenient and protect the sticks from damage. Delicious!
       Tried a Lot!
    Romeo Y Julieta Reserva Real Lonsdale Connecticut
    By Spotted Beaver
    I smoke a cigar almost every day after getting home from work. Great way to relax on the deck with a beer or glass of bourbon. I like the size of the Lonsdale and the mild-medium taste of the Romeo Julieta Reserve Real. From time to time I stray away trying another, but always come back, realizing the error of my ways.
       A Smooth, Bold Choice!
    Romeo Y Julieta Vintage Triangular Maduro Triangulo
    By JimiRock
    I needed some Romeo y Julieta's for my humidor and these are a welcome addition! I received mine last night and I immediately opened them and put all but one in the humidor. The smoke lasted for about an hour and what a good hour it was! The construction of this stogie is very good, no uneven burns or unraveling, which is always a plus. The flavor of the stogie is bold, but smooth. This is the first tapered cigar I've added to my collection, but if they're all as good as this one I'll be happy to buy some more. The box that these stogies come in is actually a humidor itself. This humidor is not active upon arrival, so don't delay with taking your stogies out of the box, but if you're giving this as a gift it comes with its own humidor. I'm very particular about my stogies and I would definitely buy these again. They were worth the wait!
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