Phillies cigars have made a name for themselves through years of satisfactory performance and rich flavors valued by cigar smokers around the world. Produced in Puerto Rico, Phillies cigars feature filler tobacco from the Dominican Republic and Honduras for the perfect, smooth-bodied taste. Thompson Cigar offers a wide selection of sizes and flavors including the original Phillies Blunt, Phillies Titan, Phillies Strawberry Blunts and Phillies Grape Blunts.
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Phillies Cigar Reviews

   Mild, Great Flavor, Easy Draw
Phillies Titan Cigars
By Star 223
The box was fresh; the cigars are VERY smooth and have a great flavor. The wrapper has a smooth, almost a hint of vanilla (?) with a pleasant flavor on the tongue and lips. No kidding, I could smoke several of these a day. I can have another immediately after finishing the first one.
   Very fine cigar for the everyday smoker
Phillies Blunt Cigars
By Bob
Shirt pocket size. Nice sweet taste that is not overwhelming. Great cigar if you smoke a few a day.
   Better by the Box
Phillies Blunt Strawberry Cigars
By TheRhino
The Phillie Strawberry Blunts are one of my favorite cheapie smokes, but are getting pretty pricey if you pay-at-the-pump. Finding that Thompson had them in Boxes online for about 1/2 the price was a huge bonus. I bought a box for me - enjoyed them - and then turned around and bought a box for my uncle - perfect gift!
   For smooth....Excellent for price. Enjoy..
Phillies Titan Cigars
By boys
I smoke them in the evening when the sun is going down and I have a cocktail in hand. This cigar is smooth, tasteful and enjoyable
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