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Founded in Cuba in 1845, Partagas cigars is one of the oldest surviving cigar brands on the market; and for good reason. Through uncompromising attention to quality, cigar masters Ramon Cifuentes and son built Partagas cigars into one of the most popular brands in the world. The use of superior quality Cameroon-grown wrapper leaves and premium fillers grown in Mexico and the Dominican Republic lend a spiciness and medium-to-full bodied flavor to Partagas cigars that have made them a favorite of cigar aficionados worldwide
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Partagas Cigar Reviews

   If you like smooth this is it!
Partagas No. 2 Cameroon Corona
By Dewey
I use this cigar when I have time to relax and enjoy the full measure of the flavor and aroma. Never have had a imperfection in a cigar in 4 years.
   A perfect smoke!
Partagas Black Label Gigante Gordo
By The Shadow
These are as close to perfect cigars as imaginable. I have yet to find any defects. All draw with ease, light easily, evenly and burn evenly. The flavor is rich, strong and bold, never harsh or sharp. I love a big ring gauge and a bold cigar; it is as if these were designed for me. Great after a fine meal with a single barrel Bourbon, single malt Scotch, or Port. They have ruined me for other cigars.
   Always a favorite
Partagas Naturales Cameroon Robusto
By Bimmer
Always a Partagas fan this was no let down. Smoke them until your fingers burn.
   Outstanding smoke !!
Partagas Black Label Magnifico Sun Grown Toro
Purchased the Partagas Black Label Toro for my daughters wedding. Everyone who tried the cigar enjoyed the smoking moment and made very positive comments, both the experienced and new smokers alike. Had not tried it prior myself, have added the Partagas to my cigar inventory and will make it one of my regular smokes. Just as it was advertised rich in flavor with a bold taste for a large ring cigar.
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