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Nub cigars by Oliva are a massive smoke in a small package. Rated "2008 Best Buy" by Cigar Insider, the Nub Oliva cigar is a stunning innovation that delivers the most enjoyable part of the cigar known as the "sweet spot" occurring in the last 3 1/2" to 4" of a full size stogie. Nub cigars are available in Nub Connecticut, Nub Habano, Nub Cameroon, and Nub Maduro.
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NUB By Oliva Cigar Reviews

   The way A cigar should taste.
Nub Cameroon 464 Box Pressed Torpedo
My first experience with A Nub Cameroon. Now this is what A cigar should taste like. Good tobacco flavor with enough spices to keep it interesting. Huge amounts of fragrant smoke and to top it off enough nicotine to give A slight tingle to the lips and tongue. A well rounded and satisfying experience. This could be my new favorite. I will definitely be ordering more. Personally I scored this one A perfect 100. There was absolutely nothing wrong with this smoke.
   NUB Ashtray is awesome!
Nub Habano 358 Rothschild plus Nub Ashtray
By Alan
Got this NUB Ashtray free with a Box of #358 Habanos. I just leave it out for display and enjoy that it is massive, solid and clean looking.
   Great Cigars
Nub By Oliva 460 Nub Sampler
By AnthonyJ
I like these cigars, have a great taste and draw really nice. I prefer the darker cigars but enjoyed all of these. This was a great deal for them.
   Top Shelf Cigars and Cutter
Nub By Oliva Variety Sampler With Cutter
By Cigar Doc
I smoke Oliva Nub Cameroon regularly, but when I saw the chance to get a sampler that included a Nub Cutter, I had to have it. Cameroon - Smooth, Rich, and Spicy. Cigar is perfect morning cigar, with tea. Maduro - Rich, Smooth, full bodies with hints of mocha. Habano - An excellent cigar, Full Bodied, Spicy, but not overpowering. I plan to buy a box. Connecticut - Smooth and Creamy, superb.
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