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    An unwavering commitment to quality and unique combinations of the finest wrapper and filler tobaccos have made Macanudo Cigars the number one selling premium cigar brand in the United States today and one of the most recognized brands in the world. Macanudo takes pride in the smoothness, consistency, and rich, distinctive flavor of their cigars. This comes from the careful selection of throughly aged tobaccos paired with Connecticut Shade wrappers they grow, cure, and age twice themselves. The incredible attention to detail and the unsurpassed effort that goes into the creation of all the Macanudo Cigar lines is truly a wonder to behold
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    Macanudo Cigar Reviews

       Excellent Super Smooth Cigar
    Macanudo Especiale Torpedo Habano
    By Solid Lifters
    EXCELLENT cigar! Light bodied, super smooth, very rich tobacco flavors. Lightly savory with minimal tangy and peppery taste. Sweet tobacco flavors and aroma without being overly sweet. Very well balanced and consistent throughout. The perfect early morning cigar. Just superb! If only they were a bit cheaper, they would be my regular smoke.
       You can't go wrong with this Macanudo!
    Macanudo Cafe Court Connecticut Cigarillo
    Nice even burn, stays lit, not bitter or overpowering at all. Perfect white ash and great aroma. These cigars are perfect if you just want a good, quick cigar. The Macanudo brand is one of my all-time favorites.
       Consistent Flavor
    Macanudo Gold Label Shakespeare Connecticut Lonsdale
    By BlackJack
    the one thing you always get with a Macanudo is consistent flavor and flow. I have never had a bad "mac"...I take them out on my boat, anchor, sit back, light up, and enjoy while reading a book and having a martini.
       my favorite go to cigar
    Macanudo Gold Label Hampton Court Connecticut Corona
    By Bond fan
    this is my third purchase and i find them to enjoyable with a light flavor, with no bitter after taste. if you like a more mild cigar you will love this one, plus with it's resonable price per cigar they make a great cigar to share with friends and family or for the first time cigar smoker who is for the perfect cigar to start with
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