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    For over 10 years, CAO cigars have consistently offered superb quality and construction while never failing to impress cigar lovers with new blends. These Nicaraguan cigars offer a full spectrum of tastes and flavors. If you crave flavor, CAO has raised the bar a notch and introduced CAO Flavours which contain the finest of super premium tobaccos along with the highest quality natural extract found in the world. Try a box today!
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    CAO Cigars Recent Reviews

    CAO Flavours Earth Nectar Cameroon Petite Corona Infused
    By Tim
    Got one today and at first it just tastes like a more clean version of a Dolce Vita to me. But as it gets going the flavors really pick up. At the end you can really taste the spirits. At first I didn't think i'd buy more, but now i'm probably going to buy a box of them next time.
       one great smoke
    CAO Italia Ciao Robusto
    By checkmate 730
    CAO is definitely one of the greatest cigars I have ever smoked. Some people sample many different cigars until they find one that relates to their cigar taste buds. Well this cigar did it for me. If your looking for an enjoyable tasty smoke that burns well n smells great before and after its lit then look no further because cao Italia is one of the greats in my book. Enjoy tobacco heads :)
       Love, Love, Love, This cigar
    CAO Brazilia Gol Robusto
    By Chief791
    I just finished this stick. Had it with my morning cup o joe. All i can say is AMAZING. Right of the bat i got a great nutty flavor. 2nd 1/3 of the cigar adds beautiful coffee and light spice to the nuttyness. Ash held on right to the half way mark. Great draw and full amounts of thick smoke. This is now one of my very favs. Buy a box and hide it. So good you will only want to share with your very best friends
    CAO Gold Robusto Maduro
    By Sarges24

    Despite it's imperfections I had to give this one 5 Stars on flavor alone. I still have another so hopefully that ones a bit better constructed & in better condition because these are a cigar I could get use to smoking everyday & something I'm definitely buying a box of in the future. I also have a couple CAO MX2 to try out but figured I'd give an honest review before comparing it.

    The flavor was excellent I thought, nearly perfect despite the fact I tend to prefer to strong smokes. It had a pleasantly smooth taste, it was rather quite mild so they nailed this one by calling it a Medium Strength smoke. The wrapper did have some imperfections & cracks, @ one point the ash was literally split in two, it had an extremely firm draw... chances are I just got a bad one and because it was an absolutely delightful smoke it gets 5 stars from me. The CAO Gold just might end up becoming one of my favorite Maduros. If you like Maduros you definitely have try these.

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