Many smokers love the aromas and flavors of pipe tobacco. They may not, however, fully appreciate the fuss and mess of packing, tamping, and cleaning the pipe for starters. For these people, Black and Mild cigars provide all the pleasure of pipe smoking in a small, affordable cigar.

    Black & Mild cigars were created by the John Middleton Company a tobacco company founded 1856 in Philadelphia, PA. By 1960 the family- owned company was raising and selling its own pipe tobacco exclusively.Read More

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    Realizing that many of their customers enjoyed the aromas and flavors they produced in their pipe tobacco, but were not avid pipe smokers, they decided to create a cigar that featured the same, sweeter flavors. In 1968 the company rolled their first cigar using their best-selling Middleton's Cherry Blend.

    Finding a successful blend of pipe tobaccos and cigar wrappers proved to be a long process. They experimented with a variety of blends, searching for the right mix of pure flavors and smoothness for more than 12 years before the original Black and Mild was created in 1980. It quickly became the best-selling machine-rolled cigar.

    In 2007 John Middleton Co. became a subsidiary to the Altria Group, but the growth of the Black and Mild line didn't slow. Today it holds 27% of the machine-made cigar market.

    Black and Milds are created with a tantalizing mix of Cavendish, Burley, and Golden Virginia pipe tobaccos which provide a deep flavor and sweet aroma, in a mild smoking experience. Wine and Apple flavors have been added over the years as well as a series of wood-tipped cigars.

    Here's where you can find the original Black and Mild, your favorite Apple and the decadent Wine flavor.

    If you appreciate the depth and character in pipe tobacco but prefer the convenience of smaller, easy to carry cigars, Black and Mild is the answer. They're a perfect, flavor-packed break in a hard work day.

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