Backwoods Cigars are proof you don't have to pay a lot to get a lot of flavor. They're made for the wild at heart, not the aficionado who wants to analyze each puff of an expensive cigar. Rustic and rough looking, Backwoods Cigars surprise with a relatively mild, but flavorful smoke.

    Introduced in 1982, these small cigars made an immediate connection with their marketing. The visual appeal of a Backwood's scruffy and frayed end belies its machine-rolled consistency. Their marketing slogan "Wild & Mild" captures the essence of what a Backwoods Cigar is - a wild looking cigar that is actually very approachable and easy to smoke with a variety of smooth and sophisticated flavors and aromas. Read More

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    Backwooods is owned by Altadis U.S.A., Inc. who also makes some of the bigger names in premium, hand-rolled cigars as well like Romeo y Julieta and Montecristo. While Backwoods cigars are a popular choice in the U.S. for everyday smokers, the brand also enjoys exceptional popularity in the UK and Turkey.

    These machine-made cigars feature natural, homogenized tobacco with additional flavorings. They're the perfect choice for those who want more than just the straight flavor of tobacco in their smoke. These cigars retain their flavor and high moisture due to their distinctive foil pouch packaging.

    Thompson Cigar carries a variety of Backwoods Cigar flavors so you can pick your favorite or try them all. The limited edition Honey Bourbon mix a delightful sweetness with the mild kick of Kentucky's best bourbon. Try the fan-favorite Black n' Sweet, the delicious and flavorful Honey Berry, or go for the dark side with Dark Stout Cigars that match the creamy, dark flavors of your favorite brew with the smooth tobacco of a Backwoods smoke. Can't decide? Explore all of the flavors with the Backwoods Cigarillo Natural Assorted pack. It's a value that will help you find your flavor!

    Whether you're looking for a quick, but flavorful, smoke that you can finish on a break, a treat for 18 holes, or simply a pleasurable smoke for at home, Backwoods Cigars has the stick for you. They've been providing smooth and sweet satisfaction for over 30 years and just keep getting better.

    Unleash your "Wild and Mild" with Backwoods Cigars. Grab a few today for you and your friends and check back frequently for new and Limited Edition releases. They never last long! Backwoods Cigars offers something for anyone who is looking to get a little more than tobacco in their smoke at exceptional prices.

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