Wrapper:Indonesian Sumatra



The outer leaf on the Graycliff Professionale Blue is toffee colored, smooth, slightly oily to the touch, with subtle veins. The Indonesian Sumatra wrapper smells fairly mellow with some cinnamon spice. The filler smells of assorted spices, some pepper, and tobacco. The construction of the beautifully finished Professionale Blue cigar is immaculate. Once lit, Graycliff Blue cigars bathe your palate with a good amount of dry, nutty smoke, like toasted cashews. The aroma is of fresh cut pine and black and white peppers. This is a medium bodied smoke with good structure and moderate complexity. The finish is medium length and light. The moderate strength remains consistent, while the flavor complexity begins to open up around the one-third mark. This smoke from Graycliff is very enjoyable and polite, but not at all dull.

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Graycliff Professional Pirate Sumatra Torpedo Single

Strength: Medium
Size: Torpedo (6" x 52)
Origin: Bahamas