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IPCPR Trade Show 2016 0

IPCPR trade show preview

The largest annual cigar trade show is coming up and you’re not invited. Consumers cannot attend the 84th annual International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers convention that will be held July 24-28th at the...

can a dry cigar be revived 0

Cigar triage: reviving a dried out cigar

A cigar is a terrible thing to waste! Joe recently asked us if our customers who report they were able to revive a dried out cigar were indulging in a little wishful thinking. Fortunately...

best 4th of July cigars 0

Best 4th of July cigars?

This 4th of July if you’re like 80% (that’s about 74 million people if you’re counting) of us, you’ll attend a BBQ. While you’re there, you’re probably going to eat some of the 150...