Independence Day

A Nod to our Founding Fathers, and a Cheers to the USA

As the 4th of July approaches, I reflect on what the day actually represents. The day is synonymous with friendly BBQ’s, cold adult beverages, your best cigars, and maybe having a day off of work if you’re lucky. But the day we celebrate represents something much more significant than all the BBQ’s and cigars in the world.

The 4th of July represents the day in 1776 our Founding Fathers gathered to sign the Declaration of Independence, claiming independence from British rule. Although the Declaration of Independence was a collectively drafted by the Continental Congress as a whole, Thomas Jefferson was the principal author of the document which was then signed by 56 members of the Congress. Had the American colonies not won the war against the British, every single one of those men would be tried for treason and almost certainly sentenced to death. Their unwavering vision for a free and independent union gave them the fortitude to fight the good fight.

The 4th of July was a day that undoubtedly changed the course of human history forever. I’m grateful for those who fought then, as much as I am for those who still fight today to secure our freedom. As crazy as things seem to be here in the United States and the rest of the world alike, we are still the greatest country in the world. Fellow Americans may never fully agree on politics, but our right to openly disagree is what freedom is all about. As you celebrate this year, whether at a party or even if you’re staying in, take a moment to raise your glass in honor of all of those who got us here, and to those who are still fighting. Happy Birthday, America! Cheers!

– Brian Waddell, Cigar Enthusiast, Proud American

The Mayor is in the building

Well, he will be. Not only are we partnering up with Padrón this Saturday, May 30th, to celebrate our 100th Anniversary, but now the Mayor wants to get in on the action! We just got confirmation that Tampa Mayor, Bob Buckhorn, will be here at Thompson Cigar as well to give us a Mayoral Proclamation, which recognizes the longevity of a business so ingrained in the community. The Padron event is from 10am to 2pm, and the Mayor will be speaking around 12pm.

Let’s face it, cigars put Tampa on the map. By 1929, Tampa – Ybor district, specifically – had produced a half a billion cigars. That’s billion, with a ‘b’! At the time, half of the city’s revenue came from cigar sales! Imagine that! That’s why Tampa held the undisputed title of “Cigar Capital of the World” back then. Without cigars, Tampa might still be a small fishing community like it was pre cigar era. The Great Depression, two World Wars, and taxation led to the eventual decline in number of cigar factories. At the height of the boom, Tampa had about 150 factories. Today, there is only one factory remaining, owned by J.C. Newman Cigar Co. who opened their doors in 1895. You might know them better by the cigars they produce like Diamond Crown, Cuesta Rey, and Brick House among others.

If you are in the Tampa Bay area, you need to come down and be a part of history! Good atmosphere, great cigars, free drink samples – is there a better way to spend a Saturday? Get on down here! Thompson Cigar is located at 5401 Hangar Ct. Tampa Fl 33634. Hope to see you there!

2014 Holiday Shipping Schedule

If you’re still procrastinating your holiday cigar shopping, it’s time to get off your duff! To save on shipping and get your goodies in time for Christmas, place your Thompson Cigar order by noon EST on December 19th and choose Standard Shipping. Orders placed by noon EST on December 22nd will need 2nd Day Air to reach you in time. Orders placed by noon EST on December 23rd will have to be shipped Next Day Air to squeak in underneath the tree and keep you off the naughty list. So, save yourself some cash and some stress and order those stogies before the cutoff!

6th Annual Thanks Troops Golf Classic 2014


Thanks to everyone who came out and supported the troops at the 6th Annual Thanks Troops Golf Classic held at the majestic Crescent Oaks Golf Club!

For six years running, Thompson has had the pleasure and the honor to sponsor this event. Everyone had a great time (if not a great game!) and also contributed to a noble cause – supporting our veterans. The proceeds from the tournament go to the “Tee It Up for the Troops” foundation which provides support for disabled U.S. Military Veterans.

Bubba Watson Autographed Masters 2014 PlaqueDifferent cigar manufacturers like Hammer and Sickle, Victor Sinclair, Rocky Patel, Altadis USA, and many others, each sponsored a hole on the course. Various donors also generously donated rare sports memorabilia, including autographed plaques from legendary figures like Bubba Watson, Ted Williams, and Joe DiMaggio, to be auctioned off for the cause.

I should also mention that this was not your average day on the course… We had skydivers from Skydive City drop in with a 1,500 square-foot American flag, the popular Golf Today Long-range Launcher that shot golf balls over 400 yards with the squeeze of the trigger, and also a couple of alligators and turkeys by Hole 4 that came to join the party! If you’re interested in joining us for some fine smokes, good golfing, and great patriots, visit for info on next year’s event.

Macanudo Big Drive Giveaway

Your chances at winning $100,000, an all-expenses paid trip to
Vegas, and/or a 2014 muscle car? Well, that depends on how many people enter. But I can tell you your chances if you DON’T enter – zero. Macanudo is really stepping up their game with this giveaway. All you have to do is buy a box of delicious Macanudo cigars to be entered. You were going to buy cigars anyways, right? Might as well take advantage while you can. Someone has to win – your chance is just as good as anyone else’s. Worst case scenario is you’re just left with a nice box of Macanudo. Best case scenario is you’re sitting on your front porch, smoking one of your Macanudo’s while reading the mail and find out you won! See Official Rules for more details. Good luck everybody!

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Great Cigar Samplers for Great Low Prices

Victor Sinclair Super Selection 15 Cigar Sampler

Cigar samplers are always fun to buy. Even though you know which sticks are going to arrive in the sampler, there’s always a few that you have never tried. It’s fun to compare those with our favorite everyday sticks and well known, premium cigars. It’s also a good feeling to know that the humidor is going to receive a nice variety of sticks. Some are different sizes, come from different cigar makers, and showcase different types of wrappers. However, another nice thing about samplers is related to their price. Buy a sampler and you typically end up spending a lot less on premium smokes. It gives you a chance to try some top shelf sticks without breaking the cigar budget while other samplers are just fine cigar deals in every sense.

To find the best deals on samplers, visit the Value Cigar Samplers page. This is where you will find several excellent assortments of cigars for very good prices. For example, recently, the World Class 20 Sampler has been on sale for less than $30. That’s four brands of 20 fine cigars for less than half of the regular price. The same can be said of the Victor Sinclair Super Selection 15 Cigar Sampler. Buy that assortment and pay less than a third of the regular price for premium Victor Sinclair smokes.

Yes, Backwoods Cigars Were Made for the Great Outdoors

Backwoods Cigarillo Maduro Sweet

Many an aficionado loves to spend time in the great outdoors. We take fishing trips out on the open sea, wade remote streams in search of trophy trout, and even go ice fishing in the dead of winter. We also walk the woods and fields in search of quail, rabbits, and other small game, spend hours in a tree stand to wait for that big buck to show itself, and go on big game hunts in Alaska. We also enjoy the great outdoors by camping and visiting national parks with the family but no matter how we enjoy the outdoors, we like to highlight the experience with some great cigars.

A smoke that is tailor made for the outdoors is the good old Backwoods cigar. Those sweet little smokes do indeed seem to taste better when you can enjoy them at a cabin in the woods, when enjoying the view of a quiet lake in the middle of the woods, while bass fishing on your favorite pond, bayou, or reservoir, or after chopping firewood in the backyard. The Backwoods Maduro Sweet Cigarillo is one of those classic little sticks that makes every trip to the great outdoors that much better. Aficionados who enjoy the great taste of fermented tobacco with a hint of honey and berry flavors will like the Backwoods Maduro Honey Berry Cigarillo.

Find great deals on Backwoods Cigars and hundreds of other cigar brands at Thompson Cigar today.

The Importance of Enjoying Cigars the Right Way

Jetline Gotham Quad Flame Black Finish LighterThose of us who enjoy smoking cigars don’t just partake in the experience because we enjoy fine, fermented tobacco. We also smoke cigars because we relish the experience of testing and tasting the subtle difference in flavors that come from different types of tobacco and wrappers. We enjoy inspecting cigars and noting the quality of their construction, and focusing on the difference between the start, sweet spot, and end of the cigar. These are a few of the reasons why it’s important to enjoy cigars the right way and that procedure includes:

  • Choosing the best cigar for the moment: Pick a mild stick for the morning, medium-bodied smoke for the afternoon, and full-bodied cigar for the evening. It might be an everyday smoke or premium cigars for special situations.
  • Inspecting and cutting the cigar: After checking and appreciating the construction of the stick in question, carefully snip off the tip with a quality cigar cutter. It’s important to use cigar cutters and not a knife or scissors because the cutter results in the type of  good, even cut necessary for properly enjoying the cigar.
  • Lighting and smoking it: Use proper cigar lighters to evenly light the end of the stick and then casually smoke it with enough time to savor the fine flavors.

Enjoy Fantastic Medium to Full Bodied Toro Cigars with the Montecristo Connoisseur Edition Sampler

Montecristo Connoisseur Edition AssortmentIt’s always a good day when you can relax with quality cigars after a delicious lunch or excellent dinner. On such occasions, you don’t want to smoke the same mild mannered Connecticut as you did during a morning of golf or after going for a morning walk. The afternoons and evenings call for fuller-bodied cigars that match the palette and one of the best smokes for the latter half of the day is a fine, robust Toro. Those fat sticks seem to be especially satisfying after a long day of work or travel and when they incorporate high quality tobacco, they are absolute, end of the day treasures.

One of the finest samplers of Toro treasures is the Montecristo Connoisseur Edition. This very fine assortment of cigars includes 8 big gauge, fantastic Toros made from limited small batch tobaccos. Each one has a medium to full body and is a beautiful, carefully crafted stick that could easily be reserved for special events. Buy this premium sampler and you get 2 each of four different boutique sticks that are crafted from choice Dominican tobaccos. Each is also named after different American cities or states to reflect their character. Sample the Texas Toro, light up a Las Vegas Toro during an evening at the casino, and compare the fine flavors of the New York and Chicago Montecristo Toro Cigars.


Give a High Quality Cigar Gift with the Perdomo 20th Anniversary Sun Grown Sampler

Perdomo 20th Anniversary Sun Grown SamplerWould you like to put a smile on the face of a fellow aficionado? If so, then give that special person a fine sampler that showcases some of the best in Nicaraguan cigars. That exquisite selection of smokes is the Perdomo 20th Anniversary Sun Grown Sampler and once you get a look at the fine cigars inside, you will probably also want to buy one of these quality cigar gifts for yourself. The five cigars in this sampler were made to mark 20 years of creating quality smokes and you will realize that Perdomo is serious about celebrating the occasion as soon as you take a draw on any of the five sticks inside.

The premium cigars in this sampler are only crafted with very select tobacco grown in the rich volcanic soils of Nicaragua. The combination of excellent growing conditions and expertise of the Perdomo family results in cigars that showcase a wonderful array of flavors and a present truly fine cigar smoking experience. Each of the fine sticks in this gift sampler are Nicaraguan puros that come wrapped in tantalizing sun grown leaf for an extra bit of flavor. However, they don’t use just any old sun grown wrapper but leaf that has been carefully aged for more than a year in bourbon barrels. That aging process puts the final crowning touch on these high quality cigars and helps turn them into a fantastic gift for friends and yourself.